Total Transformation creator James Lehman, has come up with an outstanding step by step parenting workbook, DVD and CD’s program that turns us ordinary parents into extraordinary parenting experts! This program, quit simply, has it all. Whether you are searching for the right technique, strategy or words to end a parent-child struggle, The Total Transformation Program provides real solutions.

How Total Transformation Works

When parents visit ScottCounseling’s Ask A Counselor, they often want to know what words to use and how to speak with their child to end the struggle so that both parties feel they got what they wanted. The Total Transformation Program not only teaches and provides you with the “right words”, but helps you develop the skills necessary to help you become a more confident parent. The program teaches parents how to become better parents through the use of an interactive workbook and CD's. James Lehman breaks parenting down and I guarantee you will learn how and why children behave the way that they do.

Total Transformation Builds Parent Confidence

* My Child Argues is one of the top read parenting articles on this site. The Total Transformation Program provides powerful techniques that solves the arguments with your child instantly!

* Word by word scripts are provided to teach you how to hold your child accountable. Age- appropriate child consequences are also shared in a manner that leaves the parent feeling guilt-free!

* The greatest part of The Total Transformation Program is that’s it’s 100% refundable. No child counseling therapist or child treatment program will provide you with that guarantee.
* The creator, James Lehman, has over 30 years of experience in behavior therapy.
* Some adolescent and teen counselors actually provide the Total Transformation Program to their clients to borrow.
* Cost? The average cost of seeing a child behavioral specialist runs between $80-$150 per session. For the money The Total Transformation is a steal...and, you do not have to give it back!

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