How you describe yourself determines your image. This image can be considered your self-esteem. It is a great indicator of what you think and believe about yourself.

It is obvious that your self esteem has a big impact on the relationships in your life, be it at work, at home, with friends or family and even complete strangers. It is therefore really key to understand your level of self-esteem in order to make the most of every opportunity you encounter.

I have put together a traffic light system for you to simply gauge your own level of self-esteem

Red Light

A dangerous level is where urgent attention is needed. It means you are constantly saying negative things about yourself. An interesting stat is that the power of a negative comment can negate up to five positive comments! If you belief your own negatively your self-esteem will plummet further emotionally each day.

The more you talk badly to yourself the less value you have in yourself. This impacts relationships as you become needy and feel you don’t deserve happiness. The neediness makes your more frustrated so your retreat from being around people in fear of embarrassing yourself further. Loneliness is the start of the road to depression.

Negative comments to yourself are extremely dangerous.

Amber Light

You could go to other end of the spectrum. You get the need for positive self-talk, you trust miss the point of being honest and truthful to yourself.

You act as if you have high self-esteem which means you become cocky and start exaggerating the truth in order to make yourself feel better.

You are overcompensating to cover what you actually belief about yourself.

This in the short term may make you feel good but eventually your twisted web of deceit will only frustrate you. People will not respond to you as they can see the false nature of your own hype. You are only cheating yourself.

Green Light

The green light means you have reached self-acceptance. You know your strengths, you know your weakness. You don’t fight with either; you just get on with life feeling good about yourself.

This means you have the right balance between a poor self image and over confidence. This can be described as healthy self-esteem. You might have things you are unhappy about with yourself; the difference here is you are willing to work to sort it out instead of sitting about moaning yet not doing anything about it.

Life is fun when you reach the green light; you tend to find like minded people you bounce off, making successful relationships.

This is simply down to the fact you are not held back by procrastinate that you are not good enough or floored by lying to yourself. The balance is perfect, the light is green, life is go, go, go!

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