For many years, in spiritual and metaphysical circles, there has been talk of the ending of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, Nostradamus' Prophecies, the numerical implications of the Torah and Kabbala, as well as, the American Hopi Indian Prophecies that speak of the return of Bahana, an elder white brother who will lead humanity into a New Age. The Lakota, Crow, Chippewa and other Native American tribes believe that the appearance of the White Buffalo is the heralding of a New Age. The White Buffalo's appearance will signify a time of change and transformation. Most cultures have myths and prophecies of coming changes to the Earth. Changes that may take place soon or not in our lifetime according to universal acceptance of humanity's responsibility and care of Mother Earth. However, most cultures referenced a time around 2012 as a turning point for humanity and the Earth. This will be a time of great change and opportunity - a time of Great Awakening.

As 2012 draws near, there has been speculation of what kind of a turning point may occur. There has been Doomsday predictions of Armageddon, predictions of geological changes that may create a polar shift of the Earth's axis, and a planetary alignment that would draw the Earth into chaos and destruction. Some believe that the planetary alignments that will occur in 2012 are omens of the beginning of a great cycle, astronomically, as well as, spiritually. It will be the first time in 26,500 years that the Earth will be aligned with the middle of the Milky Way. Scientific and spiritual scholars agree on one thing about these myths and predictions, the time has come to change our ways of living.

In a more positive light, there are predictions that this new cycle will be a time of Great Awakening. This Awakening would provide a spiritual opportunity to transform our consciousness and align ourselves with a higher energy that would energize the people of the Earth by helping them embrace the spiritual principles of love, faith, hope, charity and self-reflection in our everyday life.

Our experts believe this exact time in history, today, as we move toward 2012, is an incredible opportunity for transformation and integration of our mind, bodies and spirits. It is their belief that we can ride the wave of this forceful energy that is occurring at this moment in time. We are moving toward an astrological alignment that only occurs once in every 26,500 years. Many scholars believe that the Mayan calendar ending at 2012 was a prediction of the astrological alignment that will occur on the Winter Solstice, 2012. We can harness this energy to move us toward our hopes, aspirations and goals by understanding that we have a choice. This choice is upon us today and we must release our resistance to change. If we do choose to release our resistance, our realities will be transformed through an increased awareness of our personal power and how we can use it for our highest good.

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