I believe there needs be greater understanding about the actual cause of depression, as the majority of the information available concerns the symptoms and how to deal with them.

The problem with trying to deal with the symptoms rather than the cause of depression, is that you are just fighting with shadows. Because depression is NOT the problem, that is merely the symptom.

So today I would like to discuss the TRUE cause of depression. I hope that this will help those who are struggling in depression to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So let's get started…

What does depression mean?

If we take a look at the word "depression" the word itself is very meaningful…..it means to depress, push down or lower.

So if you have depression, there has been some “pushing down” or some "repression".

But of what you may ask? Of your anger.

If you have depression you have been sitting upon your anger.

If you have depression and you don’t believe that you have any repressed anger or that you are not an angry person, keep reading and everything will become clear.

So how does depression or more to the point this repression of anger occur?

Just for a moment imagine yourself when you were very young, it’s meal time and you physically couldn’t finish your meal. What words did you hear when you said you couldn’t eat anymore?

  • “I don’t care, clean your plate” or maybe,
  • “People are starving everywhere, don't be so ungrateful now finish your meal” or,
  • “If you don’t finish your meal you are going straight to bed!”

I’m sure we all have our own versions of the same saying. But more often than not, because you feared the punishment, you finished your meal.

So what has finishing your meal got to do with the cause of depression?

Well, it shows that from a very young age, you have been conditioned to “put aside” your bodily responses, your body’s wisdom, for “acceptance” or “approval of others”. This unconsciously generates much anger inside you. This may be shown as resentment, frustration, and of course sadness but if you look closer you will see that anger is ALWAYS at the core of the issue.

You may believe you only have sadness in your depression. If you are more like me, when I was in depression, you will be more than aware that you have an abundance of anger.

I’m about to say something EXTREMELY important, so you need to pay close attention.

Whether you recognise your sadness or your anger, or maybe even both, you need to be aware that they are in fact the same energy.

  • Sadness is the feminine or the inactive way of anger.
  • Anger is the masculine or the active way of sadness.

You need to be aware that just like a pendulum swings from left to right, sadness can swing into anger and vice versa. Let me put that into a practical example to make it clearer.

  • Have you ever been so angry and then started crying afterwards?
  • Or maybe you felt sad and then you got angry over whatever brought that sadness?

These are just two examples to show the anger/sadness relationship. If you take a look into your daily life I assure you that this relationship will be apparent. You will begin to see this flow of energy that naturally occurs between sadness and anger.

The great news is, if you can effectively work with either your anger or your sadness you automatically work with the other. It's like killing 2 birds with one stone and you will be out of a state of depression in no time!

Now before you roll your eyes and go…"Oh great, more exhausting therapy!"

There’s no need to worry about that, because that’s "old-school" and diving into your deepest darkest vaults trying to find the secret trigger that caused your depression, does not get you out of depression. It just throws you into a never ending abyss of emotional layers.

It's exhausting, expensive and completely unnecessary!

But hey, if you like complex and difficult be my guest, continue the exhausting search.

Now as brutal as this may sound, it doesn’t matter why you’re angry, why you are sad or even why you are depressed.

You need to start living by facts rather than opinions.

What does that mean? Well the fact is, you are depressed. As long as you continue with the statements of “this is not who I am” or “I refuse to admit to being depressed because I’m better than that”, or the longer you condemn yourself for feeling angry or sad, the longer you will stay in depression.

You need to understand that, when you judge, condemn, analyse or fight with your depression, it keeps YOU in the cycle of depression.

Be aware that your anger and sadness are a natural process of life, there is NOTHING abnormal or bad about these emotions. Unless of course, if they are repressed, condemned or constantly analysed and that’s when the problems start.

Here’s the thing...the moment you accept ALL your emotions as natural, your depression will begin to change.

If you are currently struggling in depression, then as of today, start being gentle with yourself and know that there is nothing wrong with you. You are human after all and humans respond through their emotions. Remember also that emotions are just that, e-motions, always in motion.

Now stop and think about that for a moment...

Can the universe change its laws of motion, to keep you in a permanent state of depression. It's just not possible is it?

So, as long as you live in this universe, you CAN get out of depression!

Author's Bio: 

I’m a gypsy at heart really.  I believe that you can NEVER be disappointed by anything you do, only what you don't do! 

As a Professional Life Coach I enjoy empowering others with the tools to create the life they so desire and deserve! Its about giving others the tools to create a fulfilling and successful life....because its possible for everyone! 

You just need to know how....And its easier than we all believe possible!

“Dealing directly and effectively with the TRUE CAUSE is the only answer.”

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