The truth of the matter is that I myself or Dherbs.Com has never healed anybody. This is the gospel truth! I have only healed myself and no one else. I don't have the power to heal anyone other than myself. No one can heal another person. No one! To do so would violate Divine law and order. Only God and the human body can heal. To say someone else or some product healed or cured you of a disease is to give your power away to something or someone outside of yourself.

Always remember this people of the planet. No one can heal you but God and yourself. Your and my body was constructed and designed to naturally and automatically heal from any disease or injury no matter how insidious the disease or injury may be or no matter how degenerate we've become due to the last great fall of man which occurred some 6,000 years ago (and it had nothing to do with Adam and Eve disobeying God in the Garden of Eden).

Even in our collective degeneracy or degenerate state we showcase and manifest greatness in our ability to heal.

I say we are degenerate today only in the sense of comparing modern humanity with ancient humanity. Ancient humanity was solar-tarian (or breathatarian) in nature. Sunlight and oxygen was enough for them. Sunlight sustained them. There were no books or institutions of learning. There was no need for education or learning. Ancient humanity knew! Ancient humanity was conscious (aware). The consciousness came directly from absorbing the energy from the Sun's rays. But today, certain entities have purposely positioned certain planets and satellites in the way of our Sun in an attempt to block the accelerated consciousness that is coming to our planet. No matter how dark the energy may be on earth at present, certain benevolent galactic and invisible entities and forces are at work assisting us, the people of planet Earth, in our evolution and progression. They are helping to accelerate our consciousness because we are the lowest vibratory creatures in all existence and throughout the Universe, all galaxies and solar systems.

They know we are enslaved to a small body of men whom I call the Rulers, the Controllers, or the Masters. More importantly, they know we are enslaved to our egos (false self) and emotions. They know our egos and emotions which is representative of our inner world and being, serve the Rulers, Controllers and Masters who take advantage of our outer world situations and conditions. It is very true that our outer world and conditions reflect our inner world and conditions. The Rulers have conditioned us to always go outside of self for everything including happiness, love, answers and solutions, God, peace, etc.

Eating things (so-called foods) laced with harmful, man-made chemicals (e.g., sugar, salt, MSG, food coloring, preservatives, etc.) shuts the body awareness and intelligence down. Not only does the physical body shut down and become impaired, but so do our other bodies, our invisible or subtle bodies (e.g., ethereal, mental, astral, celestial, etc.). The invisible body refers to our energy body which makes up our biomagnetic sheath or aura. Our physical body is connected with the other bodies by the vortex system known as the chakras, a Sanskrit word mean "wheel, or vortex. There are seven (or eight) main chakras located in a line along the spine. Every chakra corresponds to a major organ of the human endocrine field which regulates human emotions and attitudes.

The major chakras or energy centers are located at the bottom of the feet (Earth Chakra), base of the spine at the genitals (Base Chakra), below the belly button or naval (Sacral Plexus Chakra), the abdomen (Solar Plexus Chakra), between the chest or breasts (Hermetic Plexus or Heart Chakra), the throat (Throat Chakra), between the eyes (Brow Chakra), and above the head (Crown Chakra).

However, there also chakras located in the palm of the hands, the eyes, ears, nose, joints, nipples of the female breasts; and directly above the head (three of them - Soul Star Chakra, Casual Center Chakra, and Stellar Gateway Chakra).

Chakras are throughout our entire body. This system of subtle energy channels is the foundation for the meridians (energy points) used in acupuncture, energy or vibrational medicine and healing (chakra balancing), and yoga.

When the chakras are functioning properly the body's physical and subtle energies are in balance and harmony. Disturbances or malfunctions of this system can lead to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disturbances or dis-ease.

It is important for purposes of healing on all levels to know that the human body has subtle energy fields. Albert Einstein said, "Everything is fields and this concept includes thoughts, emotions, desires and the human body."

Working with the chakras, meridians and acupuncture points of the body not only influences our emotions, but directly affect the physical body itself.

Because the true basis of disease is on the energy level, the true basis of healing too is on the energy level.

Today, the Rulers have us eating a lot of meat (dead, slaughtered animal flesh) in an attempt to make us animal-like in nature and behavior. Animals are easier to control than humans. The Rulers know that there is truth to the saying "You are what you eat" or "You become that which you devour."

When you hear of names with a ring like 'Richard the Lion' or 'Edward the Tiger' that permeates European history, these men were not just called that because they desired to be called by those names. They literally would slaughter a lion or tiger and eat certain organs of those slaughtered animals so as to take on the attributes of those particular animals. They believed that to have the heart of a lion, one should devour a real lion's heart. To be a tiger or like a tiger, one should devour a tiger.

But look at what they have you eating today. They ate powerful animals, carnivores; but today, they have you eating peaceful and docile animals, herbivores. I'm not condemning herbivores and negating peace and docility. It's okay to be peaceful and docile to one another (under truthful circumstances), but the Rulers (government) have you eating peaceful and docile animals so that you can be peaceful and docile (easily managed or taught) when it comes to them and their tyrannical rule. Look at how quiet, peaceful and easily managed people are today in the midst of so much darkness (wickedness, tyranny, oppression). The Rulers know what they are doing to you.

They have your innocent children in their public fool system where they are feeding them mind-altering and controlling chemical drugs via the so-called foods in the breakfast and lunch programs; chemical substances that work on the part of the brain that makes you resist evil and tyranny. This is why there are over 2 million statute books in existence today in the United States that only serves to vex, annoy and oppress the American people under the guise of government regulation for purposes of public safety and hardly anybody does anything about it. This is how the Rulers take away the American citizen's constitutional rights - under the guise of public safety. In order to protect you guys, we have to take away your fundamental rights so says the U.S. government's Legislative Branch (which is controlled by a curtain government); and the little dumb, sheeple (sheep-like) American people let the government do it.

The more government helps you, the worse off you become.

The government will create a needed enemy if need be. They'll concoct an enemy, any one so long as they have some one to point the finger at as the bad guy who seeks to take away our liberty. Hey, no tyrant can take away your liberty faster than your own government (state legislators, Congress). Osama Bin Laden has not taken away your freedom. Saddam Hussein has not taken away your freedom. Fidel Castro has not taken away your freedom. The politicians you have unwisely voted for and elected into office (via fraud and illusion) are the ones who have taken away your freedom. George Bush Sr. and Jr., two bumbling idiots, have taken away your freedom. Franklin D. Roosevelt has taken away your freedom. Woodrow Wilson has taken away your freedom. The people you foolishly and blindly trust have taken away your freedom and replaced it with the illusion of freedom. In the U.S., we went from a constitutional republic to a legislative democracy and people think this is okay, not having a real clue to what a democracy really is and what results under democracy based upon the examples of democracies in world history.

The people, generally-speaking, do nothing about tyranny because they are silent and easily managed today, just like animals, many of whom end up in abattoirs (slaughter houses) and processed as so-called food and protein for the ignorant masses of the people.

Animal tendencies are high amongst us today. We call ourselves by animals like it ain't nothing. Females are bitches (female dogs). Males are "dogs," and "road dogs." This is especially true of African-Americans, thanks to gangster rap music (which has awesome beats to the most violent, sexist, self-hatred and ignorant lyrics). And what's sad and frightening is the fact that America (the youth) is following Black people (African-American) in their ignorance. Many other races think it's cool and hip to act Black, but to act Black is to act degenerate, mentally retarded, and insane. Other races should have been following and mimicking Black people during the 1950s and 1960s when Black people were into cultural awareness, pride and social justice.

The children and youth of other races are looking up to ignorant rappers and professional athletes. This is a travesty! Instead of looking up to Shaquile O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Jay-Z, Nelly, P.Diddy, Beyonce, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim, in my view they should be looking up to Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers, Barbara Jordan, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, Shirley Chisolm, Mary McCloud Bethune, Noble Drew Ali, Louis Farrakhan, Harriet Tubman, Kwame Toure, Muhammad Ali, Huey P. Newton, and Fred Hampton to name a few of the dignified Black people or African-Americans who were positive role models and instrumental in social justice for people in general, Black people in particular. It doesn't matter that these people above are dead. They live through books, videos, and audio tapes.

Many of them died (or were killed) before I incarnated on the planet but that didn't stop me from mimicking them based upon what I read in a book, heard on audio, or saw in a video. These people were leaders and when you mimic a leader you become a leader. You take on leader consciousness which affects your thinking, attitude and behavior. When you become conscious overall, you learn that a true leader is one who leads people to themselves and leadership outside of self is really not needed, except for the irresponsible, immature, unaware, and dependent people in the society.

But today, people are animalistic. People have been eating so much meat that it is now normal to have canine teeth. Our bodies via a collective conscious mind agreement has embraced and adapted to a pathology (carnivorism) which resulted in delusional and defective herbivore status. Human beings now have canine teeth. These teeth have developed so as to help in the chewing of flesh - dead and cooked flesh. And people are so delusional and sick in the mind today they attempt to justify this carnivorism under the pretense of obtaining protein. When have you ever seen a real carnivore cook its kill (food)? Never! And you never will. Carnivores in nature are not delusional like us.

It is imbecilic to eat meat in order to obtain meat (or attempting to obtain protein by eating alleged protein) just as it is imbecilic to eat hair in order to grow hair. This shows that we are in need of healing - mental and psychological healing.

Are women going to start eating breasts and buttocks so as to develop breasts and buttocks? Because of natural hormones women don't need to resort to this activity. Natural intelligence is on the scene. But leave it up to the Rulers and they'll actually have women out their believing they need to eat ground up and pulverized human female breasts and buttocks in order to have breast and buttocks, or bigger ones.

You know the Rulers got us under the illusion of "living large." Everything is large or fat today. We're living large. We got fat cribs (big homes). Our pockets are fat (got a lot of money in our pockets, but no sense in our heads). Our women got "fat asses." We like large tits and butts. We drive and travel in large cars (SUV) where it takes nearly $50 to fill up the gas tank today (pimped at the pump!). We got big screen televisions. The rappers and thug youth wear large silver and gold medallions and chains around their necks (symbolic of choking or hanging themselves like what was done during slavery and right after slavery). Everything is getting bigger except our hearts, dreams, integrity, and courage. Sensationalism has us trapped. Miserably trapped! We need healing.

Large is acceptable today. At first there were only three pants sizes -
small, medium and large; but today, there's extra large, extra extra (double) large, and triple large. This promotes obesity and acceptance of it. It doesn't matter if you blow up like a house because you can still get into clothes and go on out in public and promote obesity, which is a pathology and a sin (in worldly terms).

Did you know that if the fashion industry stopped making clothes at the "Large" size obesity would diminish? Obese people would have to stay in the house all day or risk coming outside naked and getting arrested for indecent exposure.

I'm not attacking obese people. I'm just making a point. Obese people are voluntary victims of the synthetic food industrial complex. Obese people need healing just like the rest of us.

You know it's really sad when you know that many of these weight loss facilities are owned by food companies. The food companies promote junk food to American females (due to an apparent emotional crisis going on in American females, and males too) which they eat too much of and all the time and blow up and then are faced with the new challenge of losing weight. This has created a weight loss industry which has failed miserably in helping people to lose weight.

I was going to save this metaphysical fact for my weight loss ("release") article, but I'll give it up now as to why weight loss programs and products don't work or why folks are not successful with them. The human body is supposed to have weight. It belongs to us. Because it (weight) is ours, we cannot ever lose it for the body is programmed and designed to never lose that which rightfully belongs to us.

So when you say, "Girl, I lost weight - 30 pounds!" Your Body Intelligence hears this and responds to it. The Body Intelligence says "Oh my God, the owner lost something that rightfully belongs to him/her, I must help my owner to retrieve or find that which he/she lost because this is the natural order of things."

The problem is not weight or fat, but UNNECESSARY weight or fat. Also, the proper terminology is "weight release", not "weight loss." You want to release that unnatural and unnecessary weight from your body. You don't want to lose it, because you may find it again and this is something that you do not want.

Your Body Intelligence triggers your emotions via the endocrine system to act up, negatively, and the next thing you know you create situations (arguments, relationship breakups, failures, anger, hurt and pain, etc.) that create the need to binge and on junk foods laced with sugar which converts into fat in the body.

The Body Intelligence only does this to help retrieve that which has been claimed to be lost - your weight. So the body gains the weight back under the pretense of benefit or success at that which was purportedly lost.

And you usually gain an extra 10-20 pounds when you gain your weight back which is the body's way of making sure you don't lose your weight again. So it gives you a little extra added weight (incentive) just to be on the safe side in case you lose that weight again. The whole thing is truly psychological and metaphysical.

And remember, your thoughts create your reality. If you constantly thinking about how big or fat you are, you will only attract more big and fat via circumstances and situations (such as binge eating probably predicated upon attracting certain people into your aura who make you feel bad or depressed which in turn compel you to binge on food).

So don't think about what you don't want (fat), think about what you do want (to release weight; to be a certain size and weight). The science of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) teaches us that the mind cannot process negative language. Nor does or can the Universe and the subconscious mind (located at our third chakra - abdomen).

Okay, let's switch to the environment. Look at what the Rulers are doing and are allowing to be done to the environment. They purposely have the air and water polluted. Polluted water and air negatively affects our health. Harsh, toxic chemicals in the environment cause our cells to degenerate, hence the epidemic of cancer. Who in their right mind would intentionally pollute the drinking water which life is dependent upon? No sane and conscious individual would do such. To pollute the earth's water is akin to polluting the human bloodstream. Because we are poisoning the earth's water, Nature is striking back at us via the Law of Karma with severe blood diseases and disorders - leukemia, skin cancers (melanoma), eczema, herpes, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, etc.

Look at the foolish constant cutting down of trees for industrial reasons and purposes. The trees are the lungs of the earth. Trees are part of the family of Nature spirits and elementals. Yes, invisible beings live in the trees (and plants). Who do you think teaches the shamans and herbalists about the medicinal or therapeutic nature and properties of the trees and plants? People ask me all the time how did I learn to mix herbs the way I do to produce such powerful concoctions and formulas. I tell people the herbs speak to me. Herbs speak to me the same way the peanut spoke to George Washington Carver. Trees and plants are alive. They emit consciousness. They have an aura. This is why many ancient peoples worshipped (acknowledged) the trees (or certain trees) as sacred. Take the Druids and the oak tree for example.

Trees convert carbon dioxide into beneficial oxygen for us. Who in their right mind would cut down and destroy trees that perform such a life-saving function?

By destroying the natural lungs of the earth (trees), Nature is striking back at us with severe respiratory and lung disorders and diseases - asthma, bronchitis, Legionnaire's disease, whooping cough, lung cancer, etc.

To destroy the earth's lungs is to destroy our own lungs. To destroy the earth's blood is to destroy our own blood.

Now take a look at the oil or petroleum industry. By digging for crude oil or fossil fuel deep within the earth, the oil industry (Rockefellers, Bush family, et al.) is damaging the bones or skeletal system and structure of Mother Earth. Petroleum is the earth's bone marrow. And you wonder why bone marrow cancer and joint disorders are rampant today. To destroy the Mother Earth's bones is to destroy our own bones, hence osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism, bone disease, etc.

And where is the logic in terminator seeds? Where is the logic in genetically engineering natural crops? Where is the logic and morality in gene splicing? Why place fish genes in tomatoes? Why produce seedless fruit? Why eat seedless fruit if you are Christian, Muslim or Jew, especially when the Bible directs you to eat fruit with seed in it?

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Genesis 1:29

Even the Bible tells us in the above passage that meat is really fruit or the flesh of fruit. Meat only means "flesh," but the flesh of fruit, not animals.

Europeans came along (into power) and converted meat from flesh of fruit to the flesh of animals. Due to colonization by Europeans, many subjugated peoples of color were introduced to meat or to larger portions of meat and from strange or exotic animals never before eaten. This made many peoples sick and like I always say, sick people are easier to control.

So today, peoples of color eat almost as much meat as Europeans. African-Americans eat plenty of salami but have never gone to the Island of Salamos where the name for salami meat is derived. They also eat plenty of bologna meat but the majority of them have never visited Bologna, Italy, where this meat originated. They eat plenty of hamburger meat, but the majority of them have never visited Hamburg, Germany, where the meat originates. They eat plenty of franks (frankfurters), but most will never visit Frankfurt, Germany, where the meat originates.

Your meats have names that derive from European cities because they originated in Europe and have made their way all over the world.

It is true that some peoples of color, especially in Africa, ate meat before coming into contact with Europeans. However, their meat (and dairy) consumption was very minimal to say the least.

So man (humanity) fell, huh? Yes! The Great Fall of man in the Garden of Eden is allegorical. Man (Adam) did not obey God in the form of a person, as God does not take on flesh (and never has or will) or even have human attributes so as to be susceptible to human frailties, though many people believe contrary due to man-made religious dogma and doctrine.

This particular ancient man (humanity) disobeyed the Laws of Nature. Humanity has been given the story or fairytale of Adam and Eve to brainwash us into accepting original sin which is so absurd. Where is the benefit in original sin? However, it makes a lot of sense when you understand the nature of the game which is control, especially through guilt (sin), ignorance and fear. If you were born into sin (from the natural sex act) then your nature is automatically sin or sinful for the law by which a thing comes into existence determines the nature of the thing. Sliding out of the female vagina at birth would be a naturally sinful act as well as the sex act itself which is necessary for the natural conception of physical life.

Sexual repression due to beliefs of sin is a mutha! That which feels good is bad, evil, sinful? Sexual repression and guilt has a lot of people (mostly females, women) messed up mentally, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. One of the greatest consciousnesses is sexual consciousness. There are certain levels you can attain in the sex act that you cannot attain in meditation, yoga, etc. With the right person (mate), under the right circumstances, and at the right time, you can experience true divinity (climax, ascension) based upon the coming together of the polarities (Yin and Yang).

Sexual guilt is the major metaphysical cause of many sexually transmitted diseases that have been thought into existence as a form of punishment for the guilt of engaging in the forbidden sex act. You can also add infertility, lack of orgasm, and reproductive area cancers to the list of diseases caused by sexual guilt as well as sexual repression and sexual neglect. Women and females carry more sexual guilt than men and boys because males are freer with sex than females in society. Males in general don't see sex (especially before marriage) as sinful like many females do, though the trend is changing due to the climate of degeneracy. I guess you could also say that females see sex as more sacred than males do. Sex is a portal or gateway. The female vagina is not called Holy of Holies, Holy Grail, or Pearly Gates of Heaven without reason. There's a powerful energy in this chamber females possess. Why do you think males, especially those in power, have been looking for the Holy Grail for nearly 1,700 years?

The Holy Grail is the cup that holds the blood of life, the female vagina (Shekina). If you are to control the world, you must control the female.

Original sin beyond our control sets us up for the need of salvation through a savior or messiah figure. Now you need Christ! Not just for the sake of Christ and all the good that Christ has to offer, but mainly due to some sin some man and woman allegedly committed 6,000 years ago. Unfortunately, for most people, the nexus between Christ and them is SIN! They can't get off into Christ Consciousness (true salvation) because of the illusion of sin (guilt). Guilt (sin) shuts down consciousness (awareness). It paralyzes! This is why you have religious institutions today. Religions were established to keep man blocked from the truth which is why even today 95% of the people on the planet are not free!

Jesus allegedly said, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Well, considering our sad state of voluntary slavery and servitude and state of affairs, truth is not known or is known but not acted upon. How do I know? It's easy! I just look around at all the people who pay state and federal income taxes, child support, traffic and parking tickets, vehicle registration, etc. against their will. Look at all the people locked away in prison and jail. These people don't know the truth. You can't know the truth and not be made free in mind, body and spirit. Look at all the prostitutes, especially those in the hands of pimps. They are not free! Look at all the people who are working jobs (9 to 5's) not because they want to but because they have to in order to survive. These people are not free! Look at all the people who cannot think freely. These people have not known the truth. They are enslaved in prisons and dungeons in their minds. These people are not free!

Religion is another chain on the brain. It is slavery using God which is damnable.

This is why the Rulers can now put out movies which contain a lot of truth like Da Vinci Code, Stigmata, Celestine Prophecy, and Godfather Part 3 utilizing their magic wand called Hollywood (as ancient magician's wand were really made out of holly wood or wood from the holly tree, which were used to cast illusions on the people) and the people will walk away never realizing the hidden truths and messages in such films.

Belief is powerful but belief in that which is impotent is futile. Impotent means "lacking potency." Potency means "power." When you believe in lack of power under the guise that it's required for salvation, you will receive this lack of power for the subconscious mind and the Universe manifests your every belief, be the belief good or bad.

So today, millions of people have a belief in a helpless Jesus nailed to the cross, unable to save himself. This is an impotent and damnable picture to hold in the mind. The picture of Jesus on the cross is constantly shown as a constant reminder and programming. It teaches and reinforces endurance of unnecessary pain and suffering at the hands of evil people or dark forces.

If you understand the status of Jesus as an Ascended Master, a Ninth Dimensional being on the Gnostic level of understanding, it is virtually impossible for Third Dimensional beings (the Romans) to crucify a Ninth Dimensional being. It would never make sense.

Religions render you powerless. You'd come closer to power (worldly power) in the field of politics than in religion. Just look around you. Politics runs and controls religion. In fact, politics run and controls the world. Islam and Christianity combined cannot get George W. Bush and company (big business) out of Iraq. In fact, politicians go to religious leaders for blessings before they declare and go to war. Muslim leader Iman Warith Deen Mohammed prayed at the White House for George Bush Sr. right before Bush went to war against Mohammed's Muslim brethren.

Where's the logic in blessing war? Where's the logic in a so-called holy war (Jihad)? If holy means sacred and war means bloodshed of innocent human lives and all life is sacred, how can war be sacred? Holy war is a contradiction of terms.

You can even see the military presence in the fields of religion and medicine. What were the Crusades? Nothing but so-called holy wars! What is Jihad? A so-called holy war! Look at the language - a fight for Christ, a fight for the Holy land, a battle against Satan. Battle and combat terms in religion!

And look at the medical field and its use of battle and combat terms - the fight against AIDS, the fight against cancer, the war against drugs; the war against diabetes, a new drugs that combats epidemics, a crusade against breast cancer, etc.

War dominates our daily language. The molecules of our body are affected by the words we use. That's why today there are diseases and disorders of the nature where the body attacks itself. Doctors call it "autoimmune disorder." Lupus is said to be in this category. You know something is wrong when the body attacks itself.

When you believe that something is always attacking you, attacks will always manifest. The biggest attack on Americans today is heart attack. But the truth of the matter is that people are attacking their hearts (through degenerate diet excessively high in meat; and by not "having a heart" pertaining to feelings or emotions).

It would be more wise and beneficial for a person to hold a picture of Jesus' alleged resurrection in their mind than a picture of Jesus hanging helplessly on a cross. To hold a picture of overcoming death in one's mind is a powerful picture that will eventually bring about this outcome. You will resurrect from the grave of the ignorance of this world. You will overcome the world, all the politics, all the bullshit (beliefs, doctrine, dogma, etc.), all the glass walls and barriers, all the "isms" (racism, sexism, classism, etc.).

You can now expose all the evils of the Roman Catholic Church in history and it still will not shake the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church and faith. People will not think and ask themselves how come Rome is the head or capital of the Catholic Church when Jesus himself never set foot in Rome? Why is Rome the capital of Christianity and not Israel where Jesus allegedly walked?

If Mark and Luke who have books in the Bible (New Testament) were disciples of Jesus, how come Matthew, a contemporary of Luke and Mark, didn't list Luke and Mark as two of the twelve disciples of Jesus in Matthew, Chapter 10, Verse 1? Most people just never seem to think on such things. Well, after all, you can't question God, right? How absurd! God gives you a brain to think and question and then you cannot use it to question God or God's action, plan, and world in which lies earth where you are catching hell every single day in spite of your sincere and constant prayers?

Man has greatly fallen and needs to be healed, which is why we need to know the truth about healing.

This early man fell due to violating the natural laws of Nature. His fall initiated when he began to consume foreign things for the first time. Originally, he/she didn't eat or drink and because he/she didn't eat or drink, he/she didn't urinate or defecate. The kidneys and rectum gradually formed due to pathology and the need to eliminate waste. The stomach developed and so did a thing call hunger.

The cell salts from the tubers in the earth and the vegetables irritated the tissues and this created thirst, the need to drink water. Drinking water developed for the purpose of cleansing the tissues of the irritating cell salts.

This early man began eating grains (cereal grasses). He/she lost his way. Grains are livestock food. Grains are food for animals with long necks who can eat grains (grass) without effort or having to bend over, simply standing on all four legs. What human being do you know who can bend over while standing on both feet and eat and chew grass?

The natural green hue of his/her skin (due to magnesium binding with gold) tarnished with the drinking of a liquid called water combined with air (oxygen) and the mineral iron which is a mineral by defect (and default) to replace the lost magnesium molecule. The green hue became dark (oxidized). Basically, rust! What happens when you mix water, air and iron? You get rust? But does gold rust? Of course not!

This human had chlorophyll in his/her body which means he/she was able to directly absorb sunlight or solar energy and thus solar consciousness. Today, it is proven that liquid chlorophyll is basically the same as human blood. The only difference is the mineral magnesium which is still in the chlorophyll which is why chlorophyll is green and because of chlorophyll, plants are green. Humans lost magnesium in the blood due to the Fall.

The ancient Egyptians, knowledgeable of this great fall, attempted to get the gold back into their bodies and become original again. They wanted to get back to the color of Osiris and Nut (Nyoot), whose hue were green. To get back to green, the ancient Egyptians begin to powder up gold and eat it. This powdered gold was known as monatomic gold (white powder gold). Gold was known for its anti-aging properties. This is why white powder or monatomic gold is known for preventing the aging process. This gold stimulates the pineal gland, site of the seventh chakra which links to the Higher Self (God) and the Akasha or Akashic records (Book of Life) and also the sixth chakra, site of the Third Eye, the seat of intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, and Christ Consciousness. Gold makes the pineal gland naturally enlarge. To this day the sixth and seventh chakras will respond to gold and its counterpart, Iron Pyrite.

The lost magnesium mineral prevented the gold from being stable in our blood. Embracing this pathology for purposes of existing, the body replaced the gold with the mineral iron, which is not only rusting in nature but also grounding. We are heavily grounded in the flesh and to the 3rd dimensional earth realm today. This is why astral projection and traveling is so rare today amongst the masses today. All that iron, heme iron, in our systems responds to the gravitational pull, keeping us grounded in 3rd dimensional state of existence. Iron is magnetic in nature. It has a profound attracting force or power.

The ancients with the green hue didn't need to astral project or travel like us today. They literally could demolecularize (like the villain Sand man in Spiderman 3) and go anywhere in space or the Universe or galaxy they wanted to and at will. Today with you and I, our souls (on its own) leaves the body and travels to different dimensions, mainly the fourth dimension, know as the astral plane. This occurs mostly at night when the conscious mind is given a rest. Traveling to the astral plane or dimension while sleeping is called "dreaming." The Rulers can't have you consciously doing something of the occult world such as astral projecting. So when you go to sleep and have these experiences whereby you can fly, disappear, visit one place to another within seconds and without effort, see and communicate with people who have died or passed on, go back to your younger years and days, etc., you are said to be dreaming.

The shock of the soul coming back into the physical body is the equivalent of a bumpy airplane landing at the airport which is why many people forget or cannot recall their dreams, which is really sad and unfortunate. I vividly dream every night. My dreams are bright, colorful, and clear. I travel to all kinds of places and connect with many people who have actually died (like my parents), and those who are still alive. The images of what I see in my so-called dreams serves as symbols which provide waking life information that helps me to navigate and progress in the 3rd dimensional realm. Life is easy for me in the U.S. because I have the Rulers' game mastered and did so at an early age. Well, it does help that I'm an old soul. Old souls are people who learn a lot and remember much of their past life lessons and experiences. They can tap into their self-knowledge recorded from past lives. They can access their recorded memories from various atmospheres that exist on different dimensions. Old soul does not refer to someone who has been on earth before and is back revisiting. Old soul refers to "wisdom" accumulated from past lives (lessons and experiences) including various past lives on earth.

Anyways, spirituality is the key for overcoming the Ruler's game. You are here to experience for the sake of your soul, not to get caught up in materialism and concocted illusions. Politics is a diversion for the soul. Religion is more beneficial than politics in this respect.

We have forgotten much due to being in the Matrix or the Net. However, the crystal kingdom and the devas or elementals who live within the crystals can help us to remember everything. Crystals can help to balance, ground and open us up. Crystals hold the entire history of the earth within them, especially the quartz crystal. Our computers work and can hold a lot of information because of the crystals used in making them.

Many crystals allow us to access the Akashic Records. Moldavite, Phenacite, Tanzanite, and Pietersite are crystals (and meteorite) that help us access the Akasha, the Universal storehouse or library that exists beyond time and space that contains information of all that has occurred, is occurring, and that will occur. Thanks to the Akasha, I don't have to read and study as much and like I used to. I can get answers real quick.

Placing the crystals supra on our Third Eye center (between the two physical eyes) can help us to access the Akashic Records while meditating.

It is important to ground the body too when blasting off to the Akashic Records. The iron stones will help to ground. These include Lodestone (Magnetite), Hematite, and Iron Pyrite. Black colored stones (i.e. Jet, Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, and Onyx) also are grounding. These should be placed under and near the feet and in the palm of the hands.

Accessing the Akasha is important, but so too is contacting and attuning to the angelic realm. You've always heard about having a guardian angel or an angel on each shoulder. We saw this in cartoons while growing up, but due to grooming within the Matrix we never took angels seriously, always associating angels with death (Heaven). Yes, the angels, our guardians, accompany us to the other side when the flesh dies, serving as our guardians and shock counselors (as death can be very shocking to many people), but they are also with us at the time we're born (incarnating).

My whole life changed for the better and miraculous when I first began to collect, study, and experiment with crystals. I opened up a whole new world with these crystals and gemstones. I invited a whole bunch of devas and beautiful spirits into my home and life. The crystals also prepared the way for me to become angel conscious. I went 34 years without consciously interacting and talking to my angels. But in just over a year, my life has sped up. I have angelic help 24/7. I used to always lose and misplace things and go days and weeks before finding things but those days are over. I simply ask Archangel Michael to help me locate a lost object and within seconds it's discovered. I go right to the thing. It's credible! Not incredible, but "credible" because it most certainly is believable.

Selenite wands surround my home, in every corner and above the front door. Selenite invites in your protection angels (plus abundant peace). I'd take Selenite any day over a home alarm system.

Crystals such as Selenite, Angelite, Celestite, Kyanite, Amethyst and Smithsonite placed on our Crown chakras help us to connect with the angelic realm. These same stones facilitate the physical death process, making the transition easier. They can be placed under the pillow and the back of the dying person. Above the head is ideal if you ask me because this is where the Crown chakra is located and the soul leaves the body via the Crown chakra which beams a very bright white light which seems like a tunnel.

My good friend Etirsa Coon told me of an interesting story of a friend's dying dad (or grandfather), the bright light and crystals. Etirsa brought a piece of Selenite for the dying man, placing it under his pillow. Subsequently, everybody left (as Etirsa's friend put together a gathering for this dying relative). When Etirsa's friend left the room for a quick minute and went outside, she saw a bright light in the room and immediately went back in only to discover a lifeless body. The bright light was the opening of the Crown chakra releasing the soul out of the expired vessel.

Knowing all of our bodies can really help us to heal on all levels. To know thyself means to know all of thy bodies and to take it much deeper, to know (meet with) all of our other selves existing right now on different dimensions. You are not complete until you meet every last one of yourselves (souls) and introduce yourself to your other selves.

Okay, to end this article, what is it that makes a reptile such as a lizard have the ability to repair a damaged (disconnected) body part? How come a lizard can get it's tail cut off and grow another one but a human can get it's fingers or a leg cut or chopped off and cannot grow another one?

Reptiles are very wise creatures and have all of their circuit breakers plugged up. All of their DNA circuit switches are on or plugged up. They remember their healing powers unlike humans. We have lost or gave up the knowledge of our innate healing power. We too can heal ourselves on the most profound level such as the lizard if we learn to turn our DNA circuit switches back on or plug up the ten disconnected DNA wires. Remember the scene in the movie "Brother From Another Planet" starring Joe Morton, when he landed on earth and his foot was cut off and he grew another one? Well, that's what I'm talking about.

Even in our present condition, we can successfully heal from paralysis. Healing from paralysis is a precursor to growing new limbs if necessary (following disconnection).

Humans don't remember because they have been dismembered. To be dismembered means to be cut off. When you learn to go within yourself to find God, answers, inner peace, etc., you will remember all there is to know for your evolution and progression.

The program for successful self-healing is within you. The answers to all your questions are in your DNA and cells. You incarnate on to earth possessing all the information and knowledge you need. The density of taking on flesh makes us forget that our new suits are constructed with capsules (cells) of information and knowledge. Our every makeup is information and knowledge. We are living and manifested intelligence. School does not make you intelligent. School makes you unaware. It prepares you for servitude within the walls of the Matrix.

Once you remember that you are the Source and possess all that you need to know, you can begin to heal on all levels and from all diseases. The power to heal is within you. Healing is manifested from the subconscious mind which responds to the conscious mind's thinking.

The majority of us think ourselves into sickness and disease. Thoughts are things and things manifest. It really is true that you create your reality with your thoughts. If your life is a mess, you thought this into existence and likewise you can think yourself right out of a messed up life. It all boils down to choice. We have choice because we live on a free will planet.

Many entities know that Earth is a free will zone and visit here so as to experience and to play out certain dramas. The majority of entities on earth are invisible due to their vibration or frequency, which is thousands of times higher than ours.

Earth is a free will planet and zone in the Universe and where there's free will, there's choice. You can't have one without the other.

You can make the choice to heal. You can think yourself into health. You can think yourself out of cancer. You can think yourself out of infertility. You can think yourself out of so-called diabetes. You can use your imagination and the power of your subconscious mind to clear up your skin. Just simply see yourself in your mind as you would want to appear. Carry this image around with you in your mind all the time. See the results, how you desire for your skin to be, and not how it may actually be. Concentrate on the desired result and watch it manifest. It has to. It's a law!

It is not wise to let a doctor give you drugs or to cut up your beautiful temple of God with surgery that leaves you coming out looking like Frankenstein in the end. Here you are sick and you go to the Western doctor for help and the man offers you poison and convinces you to take it. The doctor knows you're delusional from the jump or start from even visiting him/her in the first place.

You cannot heal the body with poisons (man-made medications). Think about it people, how can you give a well or healthy person something that will make them sick and turn around and give it to a sick person and expect to make them well? This is what doctors do every day. In fact, doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Study the term "Iatrogenics." It means "doctor/physician induced death."

This is why I purposely avoid going to hospitals. Have you ever thought about the fact that hospitals have morgues on the bottom floors? This means you stand a chance of dying while in the hospital and if you do die they got a place on the bottom floor they can take you to. This doesn't sit well with me. How could a pregnant woman in her right mind give birth to her child (baby) in a hospital where there's a morgue on the first floor?

People die in hospitals all the time. People are leaving (dying) and coming (incarnating) all the time in hospitals so you have a lot of souls on the scene in one condensed area. What about those souls who just died and who are upset and don't want to leave the earth realm? I'm talking about ghosts, angry entities who are bodiless but earthbound and who still have earthly aims, desires and ambitions.

The soul does not enter into the body until the time of birth. It hangs out above the mother until the baby comes out of the vagina and within seventeen minutes, the soul makes its way into the baby's body which is why the umbilical cord should never be cut within seventeen minutes after arrival or manifestation. But in a hospital birth, you can forget about this. Doctors will cut that cord as soon as the baby slips out and the soul will be impaired. The soul will not fully incarnate into the body. A portion of it will wonder out in the ethers and may end up in some other part of the State, country or world, creating this thing called a mid-life crisis which forces us Westerners (especially Americans) to go on a "soul search." Westerners are the only people who talk about needing to find themselves. This was the theme of the Bill Murray movie entitled "The Razor's Edge."

So thanks to the doctor whom you love and trust so much, who untimely cut your umbilical cord impairing your incarnation during birth which allowed a part of your soul to end up in some other area of the world, you now have to go on a "soul search" to find a part of yourself. So you were born in New York but part of your soul ended up in California so you have to travel out west to find yourself, to become "whole."

Without the midlife crisis, most folks would have never sought to make themselves whole. However, there's really no more midlife crisis these days. People are experiencing life crisis at a very young and early age today. Most young people know something is miserably wrong with society and the world and become very depressed and suicidal. That's why most suicides in the U.S. are committed by youth (teenagers).

A lot of older people, in their 40s, 50s and 60s may opt for neurotic problems such as schizophrenia instead of suicide. Many schizophrenics possess or possessed serious knowledge and knew many truths but turned a blind eye and deaf ear to it. They knew society was messed up and did nothing to change it. Living against truth and Universal law will eventually kill you (suicide, premature death) or make you go crazy.

You see all these homeless people walking around today talking to themselves, shouting, and arguing with what appears to be with themselves and no visible person? They are not crazy as many would deem them to be! They are vexed by invisible entities, dark forces.

Knowledge requires you to use and share it, especially for right action. When you don't do this, you pay a price.

Not all schizophrenics are the results of not sharing what they knew or running from responsibility (teaching). Some are paying Karmic debt.

The same applies to many of our sicknesses and diseases. Yes, many of us plant the seeds of our diseases and sicknesses in past lives. Our etheric blueprint comes from past lives. The etheric blueprint is a subtle program from which the physical body is constructed and which carries imprints of past-life disease from which present life disease or disability can result. So karmic seeds are lodged in the etheric body.

The residue of past-life trauma, attitude or illness can follow us in this present life existence and develop into disease, sickness or injury. For example, many Black people with unexplained back problems could be experiencing past life trauma from their last lifetime on earth as slaves who did a lot of heavy lifting on the plantation or who experienced excessive whippings on the back.

Physical pain always points to something much deeper. Pain is only a sensor - a sensor that something is wrong on a much deeper level, usually energetically.

Pain truly is the friend nobody wants.

In my honest assessment, emotions are the number one area most people need to focus in regards to healing. We must heal on the emotional level. Many of us carry a lot of emotional baggage with us. When we are damaged emotionally from harsh words, behavior and activity, the pain runs deep. The pain stores in our cells and create memories. Not only does the pain store in the cells, but the pain also lodges in the subtle body, the etheric body. We actually take our emotions with us on the other side (death). We do this with the etheric body. So when we don't heal on an emotional level, the etheric blueprint is set and the emotional scars and pain follow us to new incarnations and manifest themselves.

So if you are emotionally hurt or wounded, why not now take the time to work on yourself and heal from the pain and injury? Might as well do it now! What's not done or completed now will be done or completed later on (in future lives). You will learn your lessons before you move on to higher ground and that's a karmic fact.

If you don't learn how to love now on Planet Earth in this lifetime, what makes you think you can go to the planet of love - Venus in the next lifetime? If you don't learn love here on earth now, you'll take your romance and love problems (imbalances) with you wherever you go in the next lifetime. Might as well learn the lesson now!

Self-healing begins with love, unconditional love. Love is the basis for healing. Forgiveness is a requisite for healing. Gratitude is a requisite for healing. Happiness and joy are requisites for healing. Right action is a requisite for healing. Truth is a serious requisite for healing. You have the power to show and exude all of the above. To love, forgive, show gratitude, to be happy and joyful, and to be truthful are all within you NOW!

Healing is a choice just like disease is a choice. You have to learn to make the right choice for yourself. Health is your sovereign birthright. Reclaim it!

I'm telling you, health really is the indisputable foundation for happiness. Make the choice for your own good to heal so that you can enjoy health and enjoy health more abundantly.

Peace, Love, Life and light be unto you!

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