*** WARNING ***

If you have an interest in "Online Business", "Home Internet Business", "Network Marketing" or "MLM", then you should read this before you go any further.

You will likely have seen many offers to join schemes that promise to make you money if you pay some amount and join them. They usually have some sort of picture like this:



Has it ever occurred to you to consider WHERE these promised profits will come from ?

Let's just assume for a moment that the scheme actually works (and in 99.999% of cases, it won't!). You pay your $29.95 or whatever amount is necessary and the scheme brings you income.

Now, if you think about it, the ONLY place where your profits COULD come from is from others who join, also expecting to make money from signing up.

So what have you actually offered to deserve this income ? You haven't supplied any product or service, you haven't done any real work nor have you done anything to improve the lives of your "clients".

What USUALLY happens is that the people who make the money are the ones who came up with the scheme.

They make their profits from all the people that paid the signup fee, hoping to make money.

These schemes are all SCAMS.

I say this confidently because I have been involved with computers since the very first desktop computers came out in the late seventies and I have watched how business on the internet has developed over the years.


Whilst they look really enticing because the huge "Downline" that is theoretically possible, if you have ANY semblance of a conscience, you have to ask yourself - "What happens when there is no-one left to sell to ? - that means that the people at the bottom of the pyramid will never get a chance to earn anything! - That is just not fair. Now, if I could make a million dollars - even a BILLION, but I had to rip off someone to do it, I simply wouldn't be interested. And neither should you. It is up to all of us to look out for each other otherwise we are no more than barbarians and that makes the prospect of ever making this earth a better place to live impossible. It's as simple as that.

There is only ONE way a "Pyramid Scheme" can work and not be a ripoff - and that is if it offers something that doesn't "run out". This means that no-one will ever find themselves at the bottom of the stack with no way of getting some return.

I have yet to see one.


A few years ago, there was a scheme called something-GOLD (Obviously, I cannot name it exactly). When you went to the site, you were shown a video that was produced by EXPERTS. This video was so well produced that by the time the average person finished watching it, they were HOOKED. It promised the world - literally.

ALL you had to do was pay $997 and you would be rich in three weeks - traveling on lear-jets, sipping the most expensive wines, dining at 5-star restaurants, yachting in the Bermudas and lazing in swimming pools at the top-class hotels and chatting with movie stars (or so it implied).

Now this was not just one of those "flash in the pan" deals - if you Googled it, you would find dozens of testimonials from satisfied members - each saying that the man who started the thing was a financial GENIUS and that joining the scheme was the best thing they ever did, because now they, too, were rich beyond their wildest dreams. Pictures of mansions, Lamborghinis, members surrounded by models - it was all EXCEEDINGLY tempting and the way the offer was put, you were almost GUARANTEED that in three weeks, you would be rolling in money. The way it was put, it made you feel like you were an absolute IDIOT if you were working for a boss or had a normal job.

Well, I did my research on this scheme and you know what I discovered ?

What you get when you pay this $997 is the permission to use that same video to suck others in to the scheme!

That's all.

(Except, of course for assistance in how to market the whole thing because that, too, benefits the creators of the idea...)

Not only that, but the $997 from YOUR first TWO clients went to the scheme owner! It was only after that, that you got the signup money from subsequent new members.

This scam sucked in a LOT of people. The owner became a multi-MULTI millionaire and so did a number of his accomplices. Today he lives in the UK somewhere in a lifestyle that would rival that of the Queen.

But they left behind them a trail of thousands of people who paid the $997 and never got a cent back, because once the word got out, everyone KNEW it was a scam and wouldn't touch it. But that didn't matter to the ones who DID make it, because in the disclaimer (which noone ever read because they were too excited) was all that was neceassary to legally protect them.

I have seen hundreds of these schemes over the years and aside from a slight twist here and there, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. Cunning scheme creators will show you "PROOF" that the scheme worked for them with pictures of bank income statements or PayPal listings. But OF COURSE the scheme worked for THEM - because THEY are the ones sucking you into the deal!

Once I came across a "system" that looked exceptionally genuine. The creator published an EBook that sold for $US39.95. I did the usual research and could not find a bad report on it anywhere. People raved about it and the stats indicated that hundreds of thousands of this book were sold. This was the ONE time in my whole life that I, knowing everything I knew about this subject, actually fell into the trap.

I paid the money and the book arrived.

Honestly, I must have had rocks in my head. I have NO idea what possessed me to think that it could contain ANYTHING that I didn't know already...

I read it and, sure enough, when I finished, I realised it was no more than 69 pages of absolute twaddle. The only single piece of useful information it contained was a bit about how to be an "Alpha-Male" in the business world and the "secret" to that was to never break your gaze with the person you are trying to convince. Now I can agree that this piece of information might not be known by everyone, but I already knew it and so I realized I just paid $39.95 for an EBook that was TOTALLY useless.

Now, the only thing that convinced me to take the risk buying this book was the fact that it had a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If I was not satisfied with it, I could return it within 90 days and get a full refund - "NO QUESTIONS ASKED".

So I did write back and I told them that I was NOT satisfied.

And you know what they said ?

They told me I would have to POST them a HANDWRITTEN letter outlining the reasons for my dissatisfaction.

I replied by saying that if I did NOT receive a full refund, that I was going to set up a website telling EVERYONE what sort of scam they were running.

The refund appeared almost instantly :-)


In these days of economic distress, it is all too tempting to get involved with these types of schemes, but I want you to understand that they DO NOT WORK - unless, of course, you are happy to stoop down to their level and join them in their crime. I say crime, because that's what it is, to ME. The fact that it might be "legal" doesn't make it right.

I have always done business the way my Dad taught me - good, honest hard work for a fair price. And it has served me well. I can sleep at night, I know that I have done a service to all that have dealt with and I have built a solid reputation. I am not "rich", but I AM "Wealthy" because what I have gained from doing business this way means a WHOLE lot more to me than any amount of money I could ever obtain from scamming others.

I make no apologies for destroying your illusions that there is a way to "get-rich-quick" (at least the honest way!). It is better you know now because that way, you can get on with the business of doing things the RIGHT way.

If you want to find out what that RIGHT way is, send me $997 NOW and I will tell you!
(And if you think that's an scam, Google it and I can GUARANTEE you, you won't find a SINGLE dissatisfied customer!)


Best of luck in your business!



I found that video I was talking about before on YouTube! - check it out!

Now the interesting part is that if you read their disclaimer - it basically nullifies EVERYTHING that the video says! But no-one wants to hear that, because it's "bad news"....

But the way this crazy world works, I wouldn't be surprised if someone here actually goes for it and pays to join up the scheme, and then I will have been responsible for making this scheme creator even richer!

If you actually do this, then don't come back to me later and say I didn't warn you...


Here's a curious thing I have found:

If you make a bundle of money from something and that money has been obtained by ripping people off, you will find that what you buy with it will not give you the satisfaction you expect - in fact, it will be a curse.

But if you do some honest, hard work and get paid for it and then buy something with that money, you will find that the thing you bought will give you more joy than what you ever thought possible.

I believe that this is because money is actually energy and contains the "signature" of how it was obtained.

Have you ever heard of the expression "blood money" ?

Is it not surprising that those who get money this way are never happy ?

And if you study this subject in depth, you will start to see why people who are rich are quite often the most miserable people in the world, because their money simply has no spiritual value and no matter what they buy with it, they can never achieve contentment.

If you are REALLY interested in learning about being a true success,
as opposed to a fake one,
I suggest you read THIS.