Many don't work at all, most work only a little, but some really do give you the rapid, lasting results you've hoped for. So report the nation’s leading authorities on subliminals, Dr. Lee M. Shulman, Ph.D., and Dr. Joyce Shulman, Ph.D., the first to do comparative testing of the many brands available. So what’s going on?

Subliminal tapes and CD’s have captured the public consciousness. After all, they have the potential to bring us our fondest dreams. In other words, they’re hot! The New York Times described it as a “brave new industry taking bookstores by storm.” Newsweek called it a boom industry. Even the prestigious economic forecaster, the Kiplinger Letter predicted this as a growing business trend. New audio companies sprung up like mushrooms.

As a result, many audio producers, too eager for profits, without the needed expertise, filled the market with worthless products.

Yet at the same time, technological breakthroughs now bring us the most powerful audio programs yet produced.
These advanced CD’s and tapes not only work, they work fast and give people really dramatic results with problems they’ve struggled with for a lifetime.

The Drs. Shulman, leading psychologists with an impressive set of credentials, set out, along with co-author, Gerald P. Rafferty, Ph.D., to find out objectively whether subliminals worked. After years investigating this intriguing subject, reviewing all the scientific research and testing the available brands, they reported their findings in their book, Subliminal: The New Channel to Personal Power: “Many [subliminal audios] didn’t work at all. Few lived up to their stated expectations.” Then they describe their “surprise and delight” as they discovered a whole new generation of “high-tech subliminal tapes” representing a “huge leap forward in effectiveness.”

The information you need to tell the good products from the worthless is all here in the special report from which this is excerpted. It is by Alphasonics, the company who pioneered the new technology, the company whose programs were chosen, after comparison testing, by the Drs. Shulman for their patients and for themselves. This report tells you how you can take advantage of all the benefits (and there is a truly splendid array of benefits in store for you!) without wasting your time and money (and your hopes and dreams!) on valueless products.

That old adage about not judging a book by its cover applies even more strongly to CD’s and tapes, which cannot be “leafed through” by curious shoppers. Don’t be misled by a gorgeous sunset on the wrapper. Some of the prettiest packaging covers the poorest products.

Yet to dismiss subliminals completely is to deprive yourself of an amazingly powerful tool for self change, a tool which lets you break through limitations and frees you to reach your highest goals.

Maybe you’d like to be free, once and for all, of a struggle with your weight. What if a subtle shift inside you could attract an abundance of love and money into your life? Can you picture what that would be like? What if you could meet the world radiating the glow of inner confidence, and clear away the barriers between you and peak performance in your work, in studies, the arts or sports? Or perhaps you could use some help handling stress, achieving inner calm, sleeping deeply and waking up feeling fresh and alive. Maybe there’s a habit you’d like to beat — like smoking, drugs, alcohol or even procrastination — so you could really be in charge again. These ideas are just a starting point. Look within yourself and come up with your own goals. The list of possibilities is virtually endless. (You’ll read more about them in the full report.)

The answer is both yes and no. Some can. Some can’t. The sad part is that when people try an inferior tape or CD, which doesn’t work for them, they often judge all subliminals by that experience. They make the mistake of assuming that all subliminals are the same.

Suppose a primitive tribesman were catapulted into our high tech society, and the very first car he tried to drive had a dead battery. If he went around on foot the rest of his life, insisting that “cars don’t work,” we would think it odd that he didn’t realize that all cars aren’t alike. Everybody knows that all foods are not alike, and all music is not alike, even that all shampoos are not alike. Yet the public is finally just beginning to realize that “All subliminals are not alike!” The next time you hear one of those “Subliminals do work/don’t work” discussions, try raising the level of the dialogue by interjecting that idea. Everybody gets to be right, and everybody gets to learn something new. You can read the entire report at
Copyright 2009, Alphasonics International.

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Susannah Lippman is President of Alphasonics International, the company that pioneered much of the top subliminal technology. Theirs was the only brand chosen for use by the psychologists and researchers who tested all the brands. She founded Alphasonics in 1987, after discovering breakthroughs in subliminal research, to bring this new generation of powerful personal growth tools to the public. For over twenty years their tapes and CDs have been used worldwide, by individuals and by practitioners who offer them to patients. Susannah holds a masters degree in communications, has been a teacher of speech and communications, a writer, producer for educational television and Director of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, Eastern Region. She is author of “The Truth about Subliminal Audios,” a comprehensive report on how this technology can work for you. The complete report and a full line of top quality, extra powerful, high tech CDs are available at
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