“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become” – Buddha

Think of the world as a magic Genie saying “Your wish is my command,” and here is why:

Imagine the flip of a coin, although there is a specific number of possible outcomes the coin can land on (heads or tails), what causes it to bounce one way instead of another? If you consciously intend for it to land on heads as appose to tails, does it matter? Scientists have found that the answer to this question is yes.

Random Number Generators and Random Event Generators are a type of devise designed to produce random outcomes. One type of Random Number Generator (RNG) is electronic hardware that generates only 0 and 1 bits at random. Scientific experiments have been conducted to see if intention was directed towards these RNGs, would it affect the outcome? Meaning, if you asked someone to focus their intentions on the generator generating more 1 bits instead of 0, does it have an effect? The answer they found is that intention does affect outcomes that we thought were completely random. In fact, the final conclusion from these experiments is that the odds of chance being the reason the generator’s outcome went the way it did is fifty thousand to one! Fifty thousand to one! That means if you are simply wishing for more 1 bit outcomes, the “random” generator generates more 1 bits!

How does this affect you? Well, how doesn’t it is the real question. What are you wishing for? What outcomes are you really expecting? Do you expect to get the financing you need for your business? If you truly don’t expect, or intend for your new business or career to succeed, chances are it won’t. Believe in what you are doing whole heartily, intend to be successful, and your wish will likely be granted.

Because it’s not always so easy to keep your spirits up with your head in the right place and on the right track, you need help. These days, to have a successful career you need a coach. Business coaches are becoming more common than not and once you invest in one, you will see why. To have an expert coaching you from the sidelines is the most effective way to reduce stress and produce positive results.

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