Two common phrases used to describe the impact a person has are “your words speak volumes” and “your silence is deafening”. However, the opposite is true as well. Silence speaks volumes. Inaction and the unspoken evoke results in the same ways as spoken words and actions. It is often more challenging to engage in inaction and to allow yourself to view a situation from the outside. Exercising your listening skills in this manner will allow you to gain information that you might not have been able to retrieve otherwise.

The things that are presented to you while you are engaging in inaction are profound. The strength of your leadership in your business and in your personal life is dependent upon your ability to access and understand the subtleties of human interaction. This will allow you to absorb vital information that is revealed when you exercise this type of reserve. Our action, whether it be verbal or physical is prompted by emotion. Both positive and negative emotions will move us to action. However, it is only those that will move us in a positive direction that should be acted upon. This positive direction is always noted by our feelings of joy, love and happiness. To not take action on something that stems from negative emotions is a skill and a habit that must be developed. Moreover, it requires a strong sense of self not to be prompted to action because of the emotions of others.

External circumstances have the ability to stir up emotions within us. Not all external circumstances deserve our attention. We must know whether or not something belongs to us. Ask yourself if this truly deserves your attention and whether or not you enjoy giving it your attention. Our focal point must always be on our dreams and feelings of happiness. Our inaction can create these feelings of happiness and relief. Relief places us one step closer to joy. Channel your energy only towards these things and avoid taking action when it is unneeded and undeserving of your attention. This will speak volumes to the universe and the things which you desire will be delivered to you that much faster.

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Lyndsey Shaffer is the co- founder of the Onyx Six - Women of Color Business Network. Onyx Six is a business development network committed to creating a supportive and influential community of minority women entrepreneurs and professionals. Contact Lyndsey Shaffer by visiting