You've worked hard to build your business online. Everything is going well. Your websites are in the top 5 on google. What can go wrong?
Everything is the answer.
My website hosting company decided not to host anymore and gave me 15 days notice. I needed to build new websites in that time and host them at That was the easy part. Well - maybe not so easy.
The old company actually blocked my old sites so I couldn't forward visitors to my new sites.
Now the hard part. I need to hand submit my sites to the search engine. I know my meta tags are good ( keywords, description and title )but I need to get the search engines to take notice of the move.
Contacting search engines to change the web address in their directories takes time and lots of effort.
Meantime my prospective clients can't find me. When they click on my listings they see only that the site was blocked. It looks like I went out of business.
There is a saying that God never gives us more trouble than we can handle. So here we go building our sites up again on the search directories. It's a growing process and a learning one too.
For all you people that have a business or are planning to start a business, always have a backup plan. Have a backup website that outlines what you do and points to your main site. That way if this happened to you it would be easier to deal with.
For any of you reading this article who reside in New Jersey or the Metro New York
area please look into my new websites at
Maybe we can help each other grow and prosper.

Author's Bio: 

Tania Lawson is involved in helping pet owners find a better, natural way to keep their canines and felines healthy, happy and live longer.
In order to do this she needs to run her other business of horse drawn carriages and traveling petting zoo successfully.