I'm a talk show radio host-that's a piece of information. The question today pertains to this: “Why would anybody pay for a coach?”

Well, I do want to share with you that I'm really a rather recent talk show host. I have had a show before that was broadcast on the radio, and I have been on several hundreds of interviews. But being a talk show radio host, having the whole show under my care and production, has given me a whole new insight.

And when I started, it was, "Let's do an interview, we'll record it, and that's our show." But because I hired a knowledgeable, highly-recommended coach, I now have what is considered a "real" show. FYI, it’s at www.TheNewThinkAndGrowRichRadio.com

But here's what I'm talking about, my friend. Jim LaMarca took me from a “recording” to a “real show”.

Now there are different segments. As the show is right now, there's the Author's Insight, where I read a little passage from The NEW Think and Grow Rich. There's the Celebrity Spotlight, where I interview the guests. There's the Listener's Mailbox, where I respond to a question or two that listeners have sent in. There's the intro, there's the outro, there's a little bit of music thrown in, there's a commercial or two.

Jiminy Christmas, we have a real show!

In a recent coaching session I told Jim I was going to be having a guest who I knew was theatrical, who I knew was aggressive in selling, who I knew I would have a hard time controlling. To me, it's kind of like riding a horse. For those who are professionals, God bless you, because I'm not.

To me, when I'm riding a horse, what's really happening is the horse is taking me for a ride, and I'm holding on for dear blazing life!

So I told him, I've got this guest that's going to be like that. He said, "Well, when you have that, you can kind of wink at the audience and say, "Now, here comes Señor so-and-so who says he's the expert on such-and-such." In other words, you're not saying he's the expert, you say he says he is. It's presented factually.

It wouldn't stir him off if it was live, and it wouldn't involve you if there's egg on the face for the behavior of the guest. It's kind of funny.

Now, that was just one thing he told me. He also has helped me create more pointed questions. He's helped me immensely! I didn't even know what a talk show radio host really was, what the job really was, how it all comes together as a show… until he helped me.

Of course, now it’s obvious… And now that the scales have been washed from my eyes, I note it on every program I hear…

He's been helping me for months now, week-by-week, and I gladly pay the modest fee!

The value of coaching, for me, is that it takes you where you need to be to compete, but, for whatever reason, without the intervention, training, and nurturing of an actualizing coach, you can’t even “see”, much less “arrive” there…

It’s a good example of an investment in yourself. Face it… You depend on YOU for your current and future income. Every business person understands the promise of payoffs from making a time, money, or resource investment in your business! It’s a necessary part of business reality.

Why would anybody pay for a coach? What’s the value of coaching? First, let’s recognize that we’re out there playing in the real world, “get one shot at it” field.

If you invest in someone who guides you, encourages you, and kicks you to the next level, what IS that worth in actual dollars compounded over time?!

There’s the answer to your question….

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Ted Ciuba, a luminary in both the marketing & human potential fields, helps entrepreneurs, salespersons, & small-medium-sized businesses discover & adapt their mindset to success, increasing incomes, multiplying profits, reducing stress, and liberating joy. Get the inside scoop on how you can benefit from Ted’s insights and practices http://www.Sub4MinuteExtraMile.com