Who Am I: I am your feet. My job is to provide you with a foundation.
Voice of The Feet: I am the voice of your feet. Like hands, I touch the earth. By design, there are two of me. One of me supports your left side and one, supports right side. Each of me has 26 bones and 25 joints. I let you know where you are through sensations coming from over 7,000 nerve endings in each of me.
My function is to provide you with foundation- a trampoline-like base with arches that run horizontally and longitudinally. I function best when your ankle joint is free and involved. What keeps me healthy is being allowed to be naked and free to naturally settle into a relaxed, more elongated and expanded design. If I am confined, I get cranky and lock up.
I never work alone, but with my partner, the ankle joint. I provide stability and support from inner arch, made up of the big toe and the next two toes. My arches give you a springboard. My toes, designed to lengthen and spread, need space and freedom. At the back of me is my largest bone, the talus, and the smaller bones, the navicular, cuneiform, metatarsals, and my inner arches. I provide flexibility, power, and stability.
My Gift To You: I make it possible for you to receive energy from the earth, and to be touched as you walk, run, skip, hop, play sports, dance and live in your world.
Imagine Me: Visualize as a magic carpet, one you can ride on and are elegantly supported by from underneath.
When Dancing Through Life: Live in your feet and lovingly walk with them every step throughout your day. Sense your ankle joints and feet as working together as one system. Wear shoes that fit and feel good, shoes that give your feet room to move and breathe.
When Dancing Through Life: Live in your feet and lovingly walk with them every step throughout your day. Sense your ankle joints and feet as working together as one system. Wear shoes that fit and feel good, shoes that give feet room to move and breathe. Care for your feet. Massage them and pumice calluses off. Give your feet the gift of a manicure. Keep them soft by applying lotion. Keep your skin sensory-alive by taking your feet out for a walk. Care for them most of all by visiting a Reflexologist on a regular basis.

In pre-Revolutionary China the planned distortion of the normal female foot is well known. With growth in the feet impaired, the girl hobbled with a marked lumbar lordosis as if permanently in high-heeled shoes, an attitude that would prove sexually attractive to men. This lotus or lily foot was itself such a mysterious and powerful erotic stimulus that modesty demanded it was never exposed naked except to a husband or lover.
(w Rossi)
Where on earth would you be without your feet? What can be gained by understanding the Language of the Feet. Every journey begins with a single step. Be kind to the feet because they will keep your mind and body and soul whole and complete.
Did you know that all 75% of all disease comes from stress and tension in your body. Your feet are constantly changing their characteristics, be it size, color, shape ,skin condition daily with every experience you face on your journey. By taking a closer look at your feet it is possible to gain greater understanding as the root cause of anything that is mentally or e-motionally upsetting your body. Listen to your feet. Your feet will even become a pain, to make you aware of dormant memories and invalid beliefs that keep tripping you up or constantly get in your way. To ignore these signs or to opt out of having to face dreadful situations is enormous.
Healing Is Only Two Feet Away!
Do you want to gain insight into what your body is saying and work out why you are making yourself sick?
Will you keep doing that you have been doing, or will you unlock your body’s potential beyond your wildest dreams?
It is an exciting time now, universal energies are increasing accelerated to intentionally “knock you off your feet!”

Reflexology Testimonies
I experienced burning feet 24/7 and nothing I tried gave me any relief. After having back surgery in September this year someone suggested I try reflexology . After coming for only 4 reflexology treatments ,I can say the burning has basically disappeared and I am walking better.
Thomas G. Chitty
Reflexology helps me to sleep sounder and longer. I could enjoy reflexology treatments every week. I live in a retirement village and like to keep active .I thoroughly enjoy it.
Joyce Froelich
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