Men- “Can’t live them, can’t live without them.” Communicating with men can be tricky. Yes, we speak the same language yet we have different interpretations when we converse. We live in the same environment yet we see things differently. They are creatures of unfathomable depths (or shallowness). But no matter how they puzzle us, as social beings we need them to survive. In romantic relationships, if we don’t take time to understand them, the relationship is likely to go downhill. In order to understand them, communicating with men is essential. And let’s face it, we love our them, in a good day, they treat us like princesses, they protect us and pamper us and no gadgets or toys can give us the warmth and affection they give in intimacy.

If you are a believer of the bible, then you are aware, women are made to keep men company- so this means men and women are meant to be together. Communicating with men is not as hard as we thought it would be if we give a little time and effort. Here are some few things needed in order to get through to the male gender. Be natural, males species in general dislike women who are pretending to be somebody they are not. If you are being truthful to yourself in communicating with men, you can easily send a clear message without going around the bush.

If you want to understand your husband or boyfriend then you have to get him to open up to you voluntarily but doing this can be very complicated if you don’t even understand yourself. So find out what you really want and need from yourself and in the relationship before you begin to ask something from your partner and husband. On the other hand, our husband or boyfriend would want nothing more than to let them know what we need and want from them and the relationship- we just need to be more decisive. We are just as mind-boggling to them, as we they to us.

Men will always be babies, put this is mind. They always want recognition- small or big accomplishments, even if there are no accomplishments at all. Ego is something we, women should accept along with our partner. We have to nurture it and take care of it but never over do it- an inflamed ego is a different story. Letting him know just how happy and contented you are with him can do wonders. Making it known to him he is loved and accepted whoever he is can give him the assurance that he can pour his heart out to you.

But a word of warning, never feign your emotions- if you don’t feel accepting or if you are unhappy with your partner never tell him otherwise because no matter how he opens himself up to you, you will never hear him. When you need to convey a message to your male counterpart- keep it specific, simple and straight to the point. If you are angry or furious, give yourself time to calm down then tell him what you truly feel. It’s futile to send a message through shouting and nagging-all that noise will send make him slam the front door in your face.

Men hate nagging- never ever nag your man. If your husband did something abhorrent- target the act not the person. Putting him down will never get you anywhere. Have the right timing and location when you need to talk something serious to get his full attention. Bear in mind to always criticize in private and praise in public. The last thing we need is a man who is broken and with no self-esteem and communicating with men is vital to have harmonious and healthy relationship. Learn by heart that a happy husband is equal to a happy wife.

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