Yesterday was a day of revelation, expression and strong emotion. What started out as a conversation in regards to Depression with my dad, proved to be one of the most impressionable times. The discussion involved speaking that everyone has imperfections and depression does not mean that you are flawed or "different" than others. Everyone has something that is less than perfect in their lives.

The conversation evolved into something I never had expected. My dad had asked me if I watched the funeral of Senator Ted Kennedy. I replied," parts of it". He proceeded to tell me about When Ted Kennedy Jr. spoke in front of the congregation. He had to pause each time he tried to tell me because it was very emotional to him. Not knowing what he was going to tell me, I began to get the chills and tear up myself, as I had never seen my dad react in such a way.

Anxiously waiting, he finally got the words out. Ted Kennedy, Jr as a young boy, I believe at the age of twelve, had to have his leg from the knee down amputated due to cancer. I was not aware of this, but not suprised as this family has endured so much tragedy. My dad continued on, again, holding back the tears, telling me that when the Kennedy's lived in Virginia, there was a snow storm and Ted, Sr asked his son if he wanted to go sledding. Ted, Jr said yes so his dad got out the glider and off they went.

Junior had just had an artificial leg put on and he was not practiced with it. As they were trying to climb the hill to slide down, young Ted fell and began to cry. He had said he could not make it up the hill. His father told him that he could do anything and they would get up that hill together even if it took them all day long. To hear this, it rang so true to me as a Life Coach, I hear all too often how my client's parents never gave them encouragement or positive reinforcements. It is with my full belief that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. The only things that may stop people is their inner critic, their own belief system, fear of failure and the wrong asstitude.

Ted Kennedy Jr will never forget those words his dad told him on that winter day when he was very young. Just as we can remember good words that are spoken to us, we also remember negative, defeating words as well. That day that they were together was proof that if you have support, you can achieve anything. If you are told, you can do it, you hear it, you believe it and you do it.

What Ted Kennedy had imposed on his son that day was to NEVER GIVE UP and this is a message I would like to extend to everyone as well. Whether you have depression, anxiety disorder, cancer, missing limbs or anything that you feel as a barrier for you in life, remember the words of Ted Kennedy, " You Can Do Anything!"

Ted Kennedy taught his son the most valauable lesson on that day and it is never too late to learn it, believe it and own it for yourself. So next time you are about to say to yourself " I can't do it" think of Ted Kennedy Junior and know that you too can do it.

Put the negative beliefs that may have been instilled upon youint the past where they belong and start to day with the new belief of " Yes You Can" and you will see your world open up and show you what you have been missing!

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Kristen L. Baker
Certified Master Life Caoch
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Certified Wellness Coach
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Kristen specializes in anxiety disorders, self esteem, motivation, law of attraction and more.