In the past June as well as July are the most preferred times for marriage ceremony. Well there are various reasons. Essential among them is definitely, there is zero percent chance of weather on your wedding ceremony! And second very important is, you will have a lovely out-of-doors wedding on a sunny day and the snap.

Summer is supposed to be about bright whites, lovely lavenders, its heyday roses in addition to fluttering butterflies. Summer time conjures up this image of a self reliant time of the year as soon as everybody is pleased. It is like a payroll day time or similar to TGIF times. Everything is just right to create a wedding. Designed weddings are incredibly common deciding on a theme in line with the season is extra common. Here are a few great ideas for your natural light wedding.

Shiny yellow sun rays theme

Although doing a patio wedding concept, choose shiny colours for instance yellow, a melon and reds. They vary very well mostly with pale tones. Bold management of buzzword for any warmer summer months wedding along with yellow a great d whites are vibrant. Red flowers, yellow tulip glasses, etc are great to start with. Accumulation ideas on precisely the same colour design for bridal party dresses, at this time there bouquet, wedding ceremony cake, concepts on it, adornments at the altar, etc. Sunflower makes a perfect item in this subject.

Beach themed wedding

It's very often a ocean theme if it is a the summer season wedding. The sight of beach starts off this amazing holiday mood inside ourselves. It is unusual and holds the most beautiful attractions for the little brown eyes. A wedding located at sunset is totally magnificent.

Red roses

Roses are generally old favourites in marriage ceremonies and it would seem to be ageless. Roses have never absent out of type and so, acquiring roses as being the prime theme for your wedding day is a good idea. You can theme this decorations, muffins, bridesmaids dresses and your gown based on tulips. Choose muted colours to accomodate the summer feelings.


Butterfly is a clichd motif but fairly successful motif. It has range and dynamics. It can be extrapolated to wear themes, kitchen table arrangements, cake decorations and also decorations within the venue. It includes something definite about it and so it is a timeless and most favored theme.


Just like rose, daisy can be another flower in which signifies the appearance of the summer months. Daisies come in a lot of preferred marriage ceremony colours involving white, lilac, rose, orange, red, orange and magenta. Since it comes with a huge colour pallette for the wedding, you can have a colour themed summer months wedding!

Victorian wedding ceremony

No the summer time theme record is complete without worrying about Victorian garden design. Gardens are brilliant for the outdoorsy, but still traditional wedding and reception. The garden in itself requires highly less adornment as the summer time flowers make amends for the colours which are required.

Schedule your summertime wedding motif to suit your taste and as very early as possible in order to avoid facing disillusionment.

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