A keystone of one of television’s most popular series is the practice of therapy in HBO’s The Sopranos. The Sopranos manages to address the biases and benefits of therapy and treatment while also combining clear-cut, unavoidable realities as to its effectiveness and the reasons why it seems to be everywhere.

Just like on the show, therapy has long been thought of as untrustworthy, the refuge of the weak, practiced by money grabbing pseudo doctors who offer little more than an extensive and hard to comprehend vocabulary. As society finds that it is spending less and less time on the struggle for the basics necessary to life, however, the more therapy has become a part of our social fabric.

Therapy is mow common practice for the individual as well as within relationships. The Sopranos is not the only show to find a huge market among those interested in the practice of therapy, as anyone who has seen the latest daytime television ratings can attest to. The Dr. Phil show has made a huge cultural impact on nothing more than one man’s practice of therapeutical processes.

One of the main strengths of therapy is the fact that no matter how small the problem seems, it always helps to talk about it. It is true that disturbed individuals commonly benefit and are required to receive therapy and treatment, and in part this is the cause for much of the reason for the cultural vilification of the process. More and more people, however, are beginning to realize that going to therapy doesn’t mean they have the makings of a sociopath or a horrible marriage. It just gives them a chance to discuss area in their lives that they might be struggling with, and a qualified therapist is equipped to point the discussions in the right direction and offer solutions to immediate as well as potential problems.

As with any treatment, therapy needs to be approached with caution. Therapists who are not properly qualified can do much more damage to a person than they had before going in. Always take care to confirm a therapist’s credentials and record before signing up for sessions.

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