When something is not going right in life, it can be normal for one to look into what they can do about it. Naturally, this is going to be the only way that their life will change; if they don’t do this, their life could end up getting even worse.

But while one could take action if there was something wrong with their health, it doesn’t mean that they would do so if it related to their mental and emotional health. In this case, one is not going to have the same approach as they usually do.


As a result of this, one can end up suffering in silence, and the people around them might not even be aware of what they are going through. What this can also come down to is that one can end up putting on an act around other people.

During the moments when they are by themselves, they can end up dropping their act and facing how they feel. This is going to show that the only time they are able to be themselves is when they are by themselves.

Reaching Out

If this was to take place, it is going to be vital for one to reach out for the right support, and to realise that they have nothing to be ashamed of. What they are going through doesn’t make them weak or less of a human being.

This is an outlook can one can have due to living in a society where mental and emotional problems are often overlooked. And if they are a man, it can also make it harder for them to ask for help.

The Difference

On the other hand, this is unlikely to be the case if they are a woman, and this is partly down to how men are brought up. Therefore, if a woman has inner challenges, it can be a lot easier for her to open up.

At the same time, if a woman has a high powered job, she may also feel the need to cover up what is taking place for her. As if she was to open up about what is going on, it could cause her to be seen as being incompetent, for instance.

The Modern Day World

What this shows is that no matter what sex one is, if they work in a certain environment they can have similar challenges. In addition to how the roles of each sex have changed, people are more isolated than they were in the past.

Nowadays, one can spend a lot of time talking to people over a screen, and this is not going to fulfil their needs in the same way. Being disconnected from others in this way can have a negative effect on their wellbeing.

One Focus

But with that aside, if one does reach out for the assistance they need, they could end up talking to their doctor. Alternatively, one could end up going online and doing an internet search.

If they were to take the first option, their doctor might refer them to someone; whereas if were to take the second option, they would be able to find someone for themselves. It is all going to depend on what one feels comfortable with, and if they feel the need to do their own research.

The Easiest Option

One could believe that it will be better for them to take the first option, as this will stop them from doing the wrong thing. Thus, through taking this route, one may find that it is only a matter of time before they get the assistance they need.

If one was to take the other option, they could find that they are not sure what to do; in fact, one could end up being overwhelmed by all the options that are available. But, if one was to take the first option and it didn’t work, they could end up looking into who they can find online.

Moving Forward

And although one could look online and find it confusing, they might soon find someone who they believe can assist them. Either way, through working with a therapist, they may find that their mental and emotional health starts to improve.

It could then be said that one is being rewarded for taking action, and this wouldn’t have been the case if they continued to behave as they did. This could be seen as the ideal scenario.

Another Outcome

However, while this could take place, one could find that their life ends up getting worse through having therapy. There would have been the pain they were in at the beginning, and now there is pain they are in through having it.

If one was already carrying trauma, this could end up being something that is even harder for them to handle. It could then be hard for one to understand why something that was meant to help them has ended up harming them.

A Closer Look

What this can show is that one is working with the wrong sex, and this is because they might have been harmed by this sex in the past. It will then be necessary for them to work with a different sex.

Another thing this could come down to is that one is going back into what happened when they experience trauma. Through going back into the experience, it is then causing them to be re-traumatized.

Or, if one has been working with someone for little while and nothing has happened, it could be as if they are back in the situation where they had no control. One can then feel as though their life will never change.


These are just some of the ways in which one can be re-traumatized through having therapy, and there are many more. If one can relate to these or any others, it will be vital for them to take a step back.

This may be a time when they will need to speak with their therapist, or they might need to cut their ties and to find someone else. The key will be for them to know what kind of therapist they need.

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