If one was in a position where they have something wrong with their phone, for instance, there is a strong chance that they would get the right assistance. This could be a time where they will ask a friend what they should do, or they could simply take it to a phone shop.

However, even if they were to ask a friend for their advice, there is not much chance of them being criticised. But if this wasn’t the case, it could be a sign that they have asked someone who has the tendency to put other people down.

Part of Life

What this comes down to is that most people have had a problem with their phone at one point or another and so it is highly unlikely that anyone would give them a hard time over it. There is going to be no need for one to feel ashamed of what is taking place and this will make the whole process a lot easier.

One is also likely to have a similar experience if they were to take it straight to a phone shop, as the people that work there will have seen it all before. They will give them the support they need and it won’t be long until their phone has been fixed, or replaced by a new one.


This is an example of how one can have a problem and then before long, they can find a solution. When this happens, there is going to be no need for one to feel hopeless or to suffer in silence.

But while this could be seen as the ideal scenario, it is not something that always takes place. Instead, one can end up feeling hopeless and they might even end up suffering in silence.

Inner Challenge

One area of life where it is not always this easy is when one has a mental and emotional problem. For one thing, one can believe that what they are going through is normal and that it is just something that is part of life.

Along with this, one can feel ashamed of what is taking place for them and this can then stop them from reaching out for support. And even if they were to reach out for support, it doesn’t mean that they will get the right support.

An Act

As a result of this, one can end up covering up how they feel and carrying on with their life. The people around them can then be oblivious as to what is taking place within them and one will end up suffering in silence.

One option would be for them to keep what is taking place to themselves and then to go and see their doctor. If they were to take this route, they might be able to get the support they need and there will be no reason for other people to find out.

Moving Forward

This could be a time where one is offered antidepressants and/or they might be referred to a therapist. On one hand, one might prefer to take something, and on the other hand, they might be drawn to the second option.

There is the chance that one would rather take something than have therapy, as this will allow them to get on with their life. When it comes to therapy, this could be seen as something that will go on forever.

The Meaning

What will play a big part here is the outlook one has when it comes to having therapy, as it could be something that causes them to feel uncomfortable. In their eyes, it could be seen as something that people have when they can’t handle life.

In this sense, it would mean that they are weak, and if they were to have it; it would cause them to feel ashamed. It would then be important for one to realise that reaching out for support takes courage.

The Right Thing

So if they feel ashamed, it doesn’t mean that how they feel reflects reality; it is simply an emotional experience. If one was to allow how they feel to define their life, it would be normal for them to suffer unnecessarily.

Yet even if one didn’t have a problem with having therapy, it doesn’t mean that the people around them will have the same outlook. One could talk to someone about what they are going through and how they are having therapy (or thinking of having it), and they may find that they respond in a negative manner.

The Response

This could be a time where the other person criticises them, or they might shame them in another way. Perhaps they look away when they tell them or roll their eyes, for instance.

Or they could come across as though they are supportive, and then as time passes, one could find out that they have been talking behind their back. Through having these experiences, one could end believing that they are doing the wrong thing.

A General Outlook

But if these individual occurrences are put to one side, it could be said that therapy is something that is often looked down upon in today’s world. When someone has it, it is not always possible for people to see that they have problems and wont to work through them; it can be seen as a sign that there is something inherently wrong with them.

The people who have this outlook can then feel superior even though there is the chance that they are in a position where they are running away from their own problems. What is likely to be different is that they are avoiding their pain in ways that are seen as socially acceptable.

For Example

Their pain could be kept at bay through being in a dysfunctional relationship, rescuing others, working every hour of the day, overeating, drinking too much and/or taking drugs, among other things. There will be then no reason for them to feel ashamed of what they are doing and yet one can feel ashamed for taking the healthy approach.


Ultimately, therapy is there to assist someone when they are going through a challenging time in their life, and this means that there is nothing wrong with having it. So if one is going through a challenging time and they want to move forward, it might be a good idea for them to work with a therapist.

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