There a Homeopathic Treatment for Interstitial Cystitis

We truly realize that homeopathy, also called kinesis treatment, a different therapy, which has been founded within the 1700s by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, who found out that when he was healthy and took a modest amount of cinchona bark to take care of malaria, he could produce a malaria-like fever. Commonly known as “fight fire with fire”.

So can homeopathy treat interstitial cystitis? According to the principle of homeopathic principles, we have to see the characteristics of interstitial cystitis firstly, to find the right drugs to stop.

Interstitial cystitis is often a chronic and specific inflammation in the bladder wall, which seen as a fibrotic changes inside the bladder wall combined with decreased bladder volume.

Common the signs of interstitial cystitis include:
1. Frequency of urination: normal people urinate about eight times during day contributing to double during the night. Patients with interstitial cystitis usually urinate once every ten mins.
2. Urgency of urination: the patient should urinate immediately as soon as he/she feels the impulse to urinate, which can be tough to control and leads to increased frequency of urination.
3. Bladder pain: once patients suppress their urine, persistent pain inside the bladder area might be caused, that's hard to tolerate.

Now, after understanding its symptoms. We can know whether homeopathy is effective for patients. Because the main reason behind these symptoms is a various bacteria along with other pathogens invasion or vascular, lymphatic obstruction. However, homeopathy has its own pitfalls when prescribed just for this condition. It can put the patient through frequent urination and blood vessel obstruction again, it might delay or even worsen the person’s condition.

So homeopathy just isn't effective in treating this chronic inflammation. Herbal medicine believes the treating interstitial cystitis may take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. First of, it uses the heat-clearing functions of plantain seed and angelica in its formula to the bottom coke and damp heat, rapidly acting on inflammation and eliminating the basis coming from all diseases.

Second, dianthus superbus, Bian storage like formulation of invigorate the circulation of Qi analgesic efficacy, to relieve the pain with the patients had a great role; The 3rd, interstitial cystitis can lead to bladder mucous membrane fiber organization to look apparent hyperplasia, and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can fight hyperplasia and fight fibrosis. Therefore, it might treat interstitial cystitis effectively.

At the same time, patients are advised to follow a light diet, including drinks, and avoid to eat spicy food. Patients should not overdo hold urination, because it's clearly related to bladder pain inside bladder area of interstitial cystitis.

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