The automotive industry is set to see significant changes in car seating and car seat covers. As more car companies invest in developing autonomous driving solutions, it is soon likely that the interior of cars will begin to look different, as there will be less need to structure seating around the comfort and actions of a driver.

While manufacturers have always been looking for ways to improve seat comfort, there has also been a need to ensure that a driver is able to operate the vehicle effectively. In other words, car seats cannot be too soft or too bulky, as such designs could hinder motion or even lead to driver drowsiness. But, when self-driving cars finally become a reality, the shape, size, and type of seating are likely to change quite drastically.

Manufacturers who are planning ahead for these changes believe that swiveling, reclining, and full-seat removal are likely to become prominent features in driverless cars. This means that the material covering car seats will need to be both more comfortable and resilient against greater manoeuvrability. It is predicted, therefore, that aside from developments in seat material to create simultaneously luxurious and well-wearing seating fabric, more car owners will begin investing in seat covers to protect their vehicles’ interiors.

Car seat covers are already quite popular and versatile and, while some seat covers for cars do still need to be made-to-order, many pre-made covers already exist that fit most vehicle models. This inexpensive solution is predicted to gain even more traction in the future, as seat covers not only protect a car’s seating from damage but can help to improve seat comfort levels.

In the future, car seat covers are likely to be even more adaptable, and may even include personalized temperature and other settings for each occupant.

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