There are three kinds of emotions, those related to the animal level or physical body, the ego/personality and those related to the ‘Something More’ that is referred to by people who feel there is something more to life.

As the human body and personality change from day to day and year to year, emotions change as well. This results in a life with ups and downs, erratic behaviour, beliefs and promises that change in time.

‘Something More’ is thought to be constant in its beliefs and feelings. Although nothing can be truly static, perhaps the emotions of More will change as well, but the time frame is such that within one human life span, that would not be noticeable.

In order to attain balance in a human life, the emotions that lead that life must be selected as those of More rather than ego or body.

Observe each emotion you have and consider to which aspect does it belongs. Jealousy, fear, greed, anger, regret, guilt, desire, joy, love. If you take the time to make a full list of all the emotions you know, it is interesting how many are negative and how few are positive. Then divide the list for each type. Find the aspect that causes or is the root of each emotion and feeling by determining what is threatened or what you want which brings the emotional experience.

The cause of fear for example is usually to preserve the body, anger and guilt are attacks on the ego. Is love possessive and related to personal pleasure and joy.

Animal instinct, self preservation, preservation of the young, perpetuation of the species, wanting to be liked, to feel you are useful, to do something grand to change the world, to possess that which others desire and so gain their admiration. Make your list.

Then view the same emotions from the point of view of More and see if they fit or can exist for it. Would a being that lives for thousands of years with that long term perspective be angered by the same things? How would that being feel love? Would it love all things equally or not love the things that the ego does not love? Would it hate? Would it see anything from one point of view only?

With that in mind, then the next question is if More’s emotions would fluctuate as often as yours do.

So from this we can see that emotions are not what they appear, even those which we think are the nature of our ‘higher self’. In this lies the key to a balanced life, and learning a little bit more about the truth of yourself and emotions.

Give two different things the same name and confusion is bound to occur. The results will also be different than the expected results if the wrong one is used. When following or professing an emotion, consider objectively what it relates to, both in its outward expression as well as how you are effected by it, and decide if it comes from ego or More.

Then speak of what you feel. Then speak of what you wish in life. Then consider the cause of your life being in turmoil from time to time or perpetually in balance.

If I believe something strongly enough, then I am bound to act according to my beliefs, even if those belief are misguided.

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