Vitamin B6, Folic acid, Vitamin B12 are the powerhouse triumvirate of B vitamins that decreases and normalizes the homocysteine levels. More homocysteine levels could make plaques build up in the artery walls and cause heart illness or stroke. Moreover, deficiency of B12 is linked to complications during pregnancies and neurological disorders.

Moreover, Vitamin B12 is vital for regulating the hormonal balance in expectant and menopausal ladies and ladies using oral contraceptives. Supplementation with Vitamin B12 is advised for people of all age groups. However, it’s mostly used for elders afflicted with degenerative conditions and for vegetarians and vegans.

A good Vitamin B12 supplement when more doses are required

The RDA for Vitamin B12 is just 2.4 mcg for regular adults. People being treated for B12 deficiency and having a health condition that disturbs absorption rates need 5000 mcg. Sisu Vitamin B12 5000 mcg tablets are ideal in such cases. They dissolve fast and have B12 in the most active methylcobalamin form.

A proven supplement for fat loss

The human body makes energy from food. The burning of the resulting glucose right after its creation does not add to the fat tissue in the body. The faster consumption of food energy than it’s burned converts it into fat and get stored. Several people have a hard time losing weight and require some support. The fatty acid CLA supports the loss of fat and buildup of lean muscle mass. It helps with faster burning of energy and slower conversion of food energy to fat.

CLA supplementation ensures sufficient consumption of this fatty acid and helps lessen body fat. Sisu Tonalin CLA 1250 mg, coupled with a lesser intake of dietary calories and more physical activity decreases abdominal fat.

Relief from joint aches with no side effects

The last thing that people with a vibrant, and active life want is the occasional joint ache or stiffness. They can rely on Sisu Number 7 90 Capsules for increased flexibility, mobility, and motion of joints.

This formula that has seven bio-active nutrients relieves joint pain and stiffness in a week. It’s available at a discounted price on

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