I think that we can all agree that there is only one superman. I think that we can also agree that it’s definitely not me or you. So since it ain’t me I don’t have to try to pretend like it is.

One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen people in leadership or supervisory positions make is to feel as if they have to be a superman. Sometimes the pressure of leadership gets to be just a little bit too much for us and we feel as if we have to prove something to the masses. The only thing that we need to do is our jobs. I am from the school that believes that people will respect you for who you are as long as you are confident in your own abilities.

A truly confident person knows that they have faults just like everybody else. The difference is that they are confident enough in their own abilities that they don’t feel that they need to prove anything else to others. People know when you are confident and that confidence is what they respond to.

The biggest sign of insecurity is the person who feels as if they have something to prove to the rest of the world. Others will pick up on insecurities very quickly and will begin to treat you accordingly. The confident person can talk freely or even laugh about his or her flaws. Confidence is not damaged by the perceptions of others. The person who is confident of his or her own abilities won’t attempt to imitate others because it isn’t necessary. They just trust their own abilities because those abilities have worked for them in the past.

They are not afraid when new or different situations present themselves because they are confident that they can handle the change. They have been through transition before and know how to come out on top.

The confident man or woman is not deterred by misfortune. An experienced businessman or woman who has lost everything knows how to go back to the drawing board and begin to rebuild. They will have confidence in their ability to rebuild because they have been there and done that so to speak.

People who know how to utilize resources are confident because when they find themselves in a bad situation they know that there is an answer to the problem and all they need to do is to find out where it is. There is always a way to win. If we can find it we will be victorious. I may not have the tools that I need in order to deal with every situation but I have sense enough to know that there is someone out there who can help me through my crisis because they have either ability that I don’t have, experience that I don’t have, or both.

Insecure people will attempt to mimic the skills and even the personality of others because they don’t have one of their own. They don’t have a positive experience base to operate from so they will imitate others. The bad thing about this is that you don’t know everything that there is to know about other people so you can’t imitate them in situations that you have never seen them in before. Insecure people also dread change because it brings about the fear of the unknown Change stresses them out because it also brings the opportunity to fail. Since they are used to failing they perceive that they will also fail in the new situation.

They are stressed when misfortune hits because they are not used to dealing with it. They have developed a defeated mindset and they look at the world through the eyes of that mindset.

If you are used to being defeated do something that you know you will win. Give yourself a few small victories so that your confidence will grow. Develop a winning mindset and remember that you don’t have to be superman. The Good Life

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Cedric Rice is the founder of Riceland Enterprises, which is composed of several different business ventures. This company is currently located in Georgia.
Riceland Enterprises is one of several web sites that Mr. Rice owns and operates which is oriented towards consumers along with Military Ring Express, and Fragrance Oil Express