Are you proud of what you write? Will the message in your books make a difference to the reader? Do you KNOW your life purpose is to write?

If you answered yes to these questions the next question that begs to be answered is, "Are you learning as much as you can to create book launch campaigns?"

Notice I didn't ask, "Are you learning to market?"

Here's why; marketing is a part of a successful campaign. Marketing is not the end all be all. There is more to it than this. A campaign is a process that leads your book buyers from one level to another to another in their loyalty and purchasing decisions.

I have been creating campaigns for years. One very successful campaign was with my book, 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door in 2005.

The first step of the campaign was to clearly identify the reader. From there I decided a great way to introduce the book to the market was to hold a live event. The price of entry to the live event was the purchase of the book. And the purchase had to be made months prior to the event.

The book was to be published a few days prior to the event. The ticket sales to the event were designed to raise awareness of the book and to generate enough cash flow to allow us to get the book published with no out of pocket expense.

With nearly $10,000 worth of books sold to those attending the event (prior to the event), the next part of the campaign was to introduce other products and services at the live event. This generated even more revenue than simply hosting the event. On the backend there was incredible opportunity with consulting, speaking engagements and other product development.

It matters little what the genre of the book is. More important is your level of vision and creativity.

Rather than think in terms of simply marketing think in terms of book launch campaigns. You will reach more people and make more money. A winning combination.

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