Can we Go there?

An experiment was done by some researchers; they brought some yellow and red fish then placed them in a rectangular fish bowl. The fish bowl was divided into two parts by a vertical rectangular glass plate so that the red fish could not mix with yellow ones. The fish were left for sometime then afterwards the glass plate was removed. Surprisingly even after the glass plate was removed red fish didn’t cross the border to the other side nor did the yellow fish cross it either.

So what happened? As you may have already guessed the fish formed a belief that they can never cross the boundary and the belief remained there even after the plate was removed!! So they kept thinking that they were trapped even after they were set free!!

Poor Fish?

So what does this have to do with personal development? Actually this experiment is analogous to what is happening to each one of us everyday.
How many false glass plates do you have in your mind?
How many risks are you unable to take because you are afraid of unrealistic expectations?
How many places are you afraid to step into because you are afraid of the non existent beings called ghosts?
How many bad habits are you unable to break because you think that you won’t be able to quit them?
How many times have you stayed in the corner of your fish bowl because you thought that you won’t be able to cross to the other side?

False Beliefs

Lots of giants live like dwarfs and lots of lions live like rabbits not because of anything other than false beliefs. If you want to suppress the power of a very strong person then don’t try to take it from him because you won’t be able to do it but just convince him that he has no power.

That heavy box you may be avoiding to lift since years may be an empty box!!
This darkness you are afraid to step into may be safer than where you are now
These obstacles that are currently blocking your way may only be virtual obstacles existing in your mind.

Explore new places and take new risks even it seemed that there is something that is blocking the way because in most cases this thing will only be present in your mind and not in the real world.

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