Our spiritual journey; for some it begins with a simple feeling of discontent and for some with great dis-ease; but at some point in our human experience we seek relief. Some people have the ability to reason out a simple course correction and they move swiftly in that direction without really questioning it. For others it is the journey of a lifetime to find what they are looking for.

When the winds of life kick up some people run immediately to the cellar and others get caught up in the gusts that can take them to some pretty far out places – in our desperation to get back home we can get caught up in looking outside ourselves for the answers. We look to others to tell us which way to go and we start down a road that supposedly leads us to the ONE who can help.

Along the journey we often meet others who are seeking and we join together to share the journey – some of the most amazing relationships can be found when we share our story with someone else. These people have our back when we have to walk through dark places, they help us along when we get weary and they sometimes help get us out of some sticky situations. We never know if they will be with us a short time or a while; either way their value is great.

At some point we reach that place, not a physical place, the place of knowing. Knowing that the answers we seek are within us, whatever it is we want is already within us and easily within reach. We need only be still long enough to hear the so small voice of guidance from God and trust that He has lined everything up in our favor – we need only know THIS truth and allow it into our life.

But isn’t it interesting how quickly we sometimes forget our truth and find ourselves struggling; struggling with the voices in our head, with communicating our needs to others, remembering how far we have come. It baffles me, at times, when I get knocked down by what seems to be a small breeze but soon I find myself flying around head over heels full of fear and doubt. My thinking has become distorted and my mind, my ego, tries to convince me that I am not worthy of the journey.

The TRUTH is that even though I feel like I have started all over I have simply and temporarily tried to take back control over my life. The TRUTH is I have tuned out the so small voice and have started listening to ego. Ego, who shoulds me; I should be more serene, I should be a better parent, I should be doing things another way, I should be a better partner, I should be a better minister, a better friend…the list goes on as long as I allow it and validate it.

This is the test. I know I have come a long way because I submit to the chatter for a short(er) period of time, until, like clicking my heel together, I return to Spirit to guide me once again to His will for my life and for the truth of my humanity; I am doing the best I can at this moment and I continue to learn to do better. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

But don’t discount the journey, my sweet friend. It is all in perfect alignment and not a moment is wasted while you find your way. God will use your every minute for the greater good – if you allow it. Welcome to your life! Find it. Feel it. Heal it.

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Are you looking for YOUR answers? If you’re like me, you are on the journey of a lifetime. Perhaps you have been on this journey a short time, maybe you have been searching your entire life. Either way, it can be exciting, energizing, painful, slow and amazing but when you are finding YOU – it makes sense that it be an adventure. It can all be true.

As an Ordained Ministerial Counselor I am trained to guide you to your answers, to support you in your awareness of joy and pain, to be on the other side to welcome you to the next level of your spiritual awakening. I am committed to be a graceful companion as you navigate your self- discovery. Nothing is more humbling or sacred, for me, than to be trusted with joining you on your journey.

I am Ordained through Pathways of Light Spiritual College. I offer Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling, a gentle guided process to discovery given to Pathways of Light by Spirit. Groups are always forming for my 8-week Spiritual Awakening Group and my 8-week Healing Inner Child Group.

Please visit www.finditfeelithealit.com for more information. I would love to be of service to you or someone you know.