Mosquito’s looks like small, but these could be responsible for the major diseases. In old days. Mosquitoes come after rain, but nowadays, these shows in all weather. The main disease malaria occurs by mosquitoes is the curse for the people of Caribbean countries. In India, most of the people are affecting by the mosquitoes bites. Here, we are showing the main 5 diseases occur by mosquitoes.

1. Malaria:-

Malaria occurs by the bitten of Female 'Anopheles'. Generally, mosquitoes bite after the sunset. In malaria, fever comes Leaving one day and for the rest, in this disease, weakness feels.

2. Dengue

Dengue female Edis is caused by mosquito bites. According to a recent research, half of the world's population is at risk of dengue. Its main symptom consists of high fever, headache, and back pain, muscle and joints pain. There is no special medication to avoid this. Therefore, it is recommended to rest their patients and take as much liquid dihytic as possible. Paracetamol pills are given to reduce fever. When dengue, platelets are stopped in Bonnaro.

3. Chikungunya

The first thing to know about this disease was in Tanzania in 1952. Although it is not a life-threatening disease, but there is a lot of trouble in it. It has high fever and joint pain. Well it can be the reason for the death of the weak and the elderly.

4. La Crosse Encephalitis

The name of the mosquito-borne virus was named after the State of Wisconsin, the city of La Crosse, where it was first known in 1963. Well it's quite a rare disease. This can lead to fever, headache, vomiting, fatigue and lethargy. Fainting with coma or paralysis can also be a problem if it has too much syria.

5. Yellow Fever

Yellow fever spreads through a virus that carries mosquitoes. This affects about two lakh people every year especially in the Caribbean and sub-Saharan countries. The infection of this virus in a person is known only after a few days. About 15% of these patients reach the second phase, where death rate is 50 percent. It is called yellow fever, because its samples are very similar to jaundice. The most impact is on the liver.

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