Chronic prostatitis is a common and frequently-occurring disease in men. Because the course of illness is prolonged and repeated, the quality of life of patients is severely affected. At present, there are many methods to treat chronic prostatitis, but the clinical effects are not the same.

Especially after the cure of chronic prostatitis patients are very easy to relapse, which is also a problem for the majority of patients and clinicians. Generally, people can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to carry on the treatment without recurrence.

So how can we make chronic prostatitis do not recur? The following suggestions hope to help patients with chronic prostatitis.

1. Quit smoking and alcohol, eat less pungent and irritant food and hair products: Such as hot and humid products as pepper, pepper, mutton, dog meat, beef, etc., which are easy to generate damp and warm internally, aggravate the disease and affect the absorption of drugs.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich in many trace elements, such as zinc, which is beneficial to enhance the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ability of the prostate to a certain extent, to prevent its recurrence.

3. Proper physical exercise: Regular and appropriate physical activity is conducive to the enhancement of physical fitness, the improvement of body immunity, and the early recovery of prostatitis and the prevention of recurrence. Some exercises, such as jogging, Taijiquan, dancing, etc. have a positive effect on the body. Everyone can choose different modes of activity according to their hobbies but pay attention not to be too tired.

4. Avoid sedentarily: If you ride a bicycle, drive a car, or work for a long time, it will aggravate the local congestion of the prostate, which is not conducive to the absorption of inflammation and the movement of Qi and blood.

5. Proper control of sexual life: Do not have too many sexual experiences, and do not abstain for a long time, and do regular sexual life in combination with your actual situation. First, it is beneficial to keep the prostate gland unobstructed, second, it will not consume excessive physical strength and kidney essence, and proper control and regular sexual life are an essential means to prevent the recurrence of chronic prostatitis.

6. Keep warm and prevent cold: Repeated cold can induce the recurrence of chronic prostatitis. Therefore, keep warm and avoid having a cold. Do not sit in the wetland and avoid the lower abdomen and perineum getting cold, which is conducive to reduce the recurrence.

7. Drink more water and don't hold urine: For busy men and driver friends, never hold urine. When you feel like urinating, you should excrete it in time to reduce the stimulation of urine on bladder and prostate as much as possible, leading to congestion, inflammation, and recurrence.

8. Keep a happy mood: A positive and optimistic attitude towards life can improve people's immune mechanisms and enhance their resistance. A good feeling is a functional medicine for many diseases.

In a word, it is of considerable significance to form an excellent diet habit for the prevention of the recurrence of chronic prostatitis.

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