Does it surprise you to learn that Howie Mandel has ADHD? He is one of the famous people with ADHD, who have come out recently to spread the word about the disorder.

Why are so many people making their personal health public? They want to let the world know that ADHD is both real and treatable, and that it is possible to live a successful, happy, fulfilling life with ADHD. Their fame can inspire others who think they may have ADHD to get an evaluation and seek treatment.

Although there are many famous people with ADHD in all walks of life, perhaps the creativity and high energy level found in many people who have ADHD lends itself particularly well for life on stage.

Were you the class clown, like Howie? He said, “When I was in high school, my impulsivity led me to all kinds of acts and pranks. I had trouble sitting still and could hardly focus or pay attention in class.” Still, like many of us, Howie was not officially diagnosed with ADHD until he was an adult.

Patrick McKenna, another comedian and actor with ADHD, claims that his career is a natural fit because he was always craving something new and exciting. Being able to portray a variety of characters and roles has fulfilled that need. Another natural fit? How about Jim Carrey? This famous actor was once the cause of disruption in class, but now uses that energy to regularly entertain the world. A few other entertainers with ADHD are: Whoopie Goldberg, Robin Williams, Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne, and there are many more.

So I’m guessing it probably doesn’t surprise you that some comedians and other entertainers are ADHD; however, it may be interesting to know that some of the most wealthy and successful entrepreneurs on our planet have also been diagnosed with ADHD!

Here are just a few examples: David Neeleman: CEO and founder of Jet Blue Airlines; Paul Orfalea: Founder of Kinkos (now merged with FedEx!); and (my personal favorite)... Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Intergalactic, and Virgin Mobile... and Star of the TV show “The Rebel Billionaire.”

One of the main reasons for highlighting famous people with ADHD is to show that this disorder doesn’t run our lives; it is just one facet of who we are. As Howie Mandel points out, he didn’t let having ADHD keep him from achieving his goals, and no one else should either!

You may have not been the class clown, and you may not be a billionaire (yet!) but you can still learn from some funny and famous people with ADHD. Get the help you need to manage your symptoms and achieve your

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Shanna Tator-Pearson, President and CEO of One Focus Total Success, Inc. believes that even if you don't have a formal diagnosis of AD/HD and still find that you have many of the symptoms, you don't have to have a formal diagnosis to get some coaching. The tips and tricks you can learn about how to control those symptoms can make you a much happier person.