The future and Garuda Purana have been told about some of the things that people inadvertently go to the trouble. Refrain from. If you do not take care of these things, bad forces can be attracted to you, which can cause you much harm.

These mistakes have been taken from the first chapter of Garuda Purana, and the Prasad episode of the Mayamatam texts of Vastu Shastra, along with the feminine practice of the Brahma Parva of the future Purana.

Here's what 6 mistakes you should avoid -

1. Items with perfume, perfume, and sharp aroma should not be used at night. Negative forces are attracted to such things quickly.

2. Do not look back after burning or burying the dead body. If someone does this then the evil spirits present there begin to run with him.

3. Pregnant women should not go out of the house at night, wearing black, dark maroon colors. Doing this can also attract evil spirits.

4. Souls are attracted towards the body of the disease. Even if he is ill, any kind of negativity can not dominate the person whose strength is strong.

5. People who do not take bath every day or you do not clean the body and the house, negative forces may also reside in such people and houses.

6. In the Prasad episode of the Maymatam Granth, it is said that there is no darkness in the palace or any part of the house, all the time, there is neither sun nor fresh air nor does it reach the light, Powers can put their camp

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