Whenever old friends gather together, it never seems to take too long before everyone decides to take a stroll down memory lane. Old pals love to reminisce about that incredible fourth quarter play they made on the football field during the state championship. They proudly recall hilarious pranks the played on their high school principal. And they love just remembering those long summer days of riding their bikes around town, with nothing much to do and no real place to go.

Even those of us who did not grow up together can still while away the hours talking about the good old days. However, instead of talking about the old times that they shared growing up, they talk about the common experiences that they all had.

If you encounter someone who grew up in the same decade that you did, you automatically have a whole world of things to talk about. Did you grow up in the 1960s? Then you can easily talk about how influential the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were on your youth with other people your age. Did you grow up in the 1970s? Then you can go on for hours about watching Fat Albert. Where you a child of the 1980s? Then you can talk to anyone of that generation about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Delicious Memories

But talking about cultural references, whether they be film, music, or television, aren’t the only things you can discuss with people your age. No matter what part of the country you grew up in, we all remember the candies that we enjoyed as a young child.

The best part about buying candy as a kid was hitting up the “penny candy” aisle at the neighborhood store. This is something that doesn’t even seem to exist anymore in many parts of America.

For the uninitiated out there, penny candy was pretty self-explanatory. It was individual pieces of candy that only cost one American cent. If you even just had a quarter you had enough candy to get you through the better part of the afternoon.

That was the best part about penny candy. You could spend 15 minutes looking underneath couch cushions and you could easily leave the house with more than enough change to get some snacks. If you really lucked out you might even have had enough to buy a can of soda to go with it!

Sadly those carefree days of hanging out with your friends all the time and enjoying incredibly cheap candy are long gone. But you can still enjoy times spent walking down memory lane with friends old and new.

Today you can still enjoy candies that you had as a child to help bring back those wonderful old memories. These delicious candy treats will appeal directly to your sense of nostalgia.

Bosco Milk Chocolate Bar

While chocolate has been around for thousands of years, most of the world didn’t get to enjoy it until relatively recently. For most of recorded history it was only the Aztecs and the Mayans who had access to the cacao treat and its fruits.

Even after Spanish explorers brought cacao beans back to Europe, not many people were able to enjoy it. And for hundreds of years after that it was only the very rich who could afford to purchase this fine delicacy.

In the 1800s, however, the trade of cacao became widespread and many more people could afford it. Soon the candy bar was invented and businessmen like Milton Hershey made the chocolate bar widespread around the world.

One historic candy bar that many may remember fondly is the Bosco Milk Chocolate Bar. This incredible treat has a place held fondly in the hearts of many men and women. The Bosco Bar is currently being reissued in a very limited run, so you don’t have much time to take advantage of this classic milk chocolate bar. Enjoy this amazing treat while you still can.

Nik L Nip – Case

One of the weirdest and most exciting candies that many of us remember from our childhood doesn’t even really make sense anymore. But who remembers those little wax bottles that held sugary sweet liquid inside of them? For some reason having to bite through and spit out wax to get to that delicious fluid inside just made it all the more delightful.

What you might not remember is that this candy was called Nik L Nips. Today you can finally hearken back to that classic treat once again. You can find this case of Nik L Nips with 18 packages individually wrapped inside. Each package has flavors like lime, blue raspberry, cherry, and orange inside.

While the days of your youth have come and gone, you can now learn from your experiences and live a more fulfilled life. However, it is still nice to sit around with friends once in a while and take that walk down memory lane. With these delicious treats, you can have a snack to fortify you along the way.

Author's Bio: 

Jim Plaskey is a freelance writer who writes about shopping and food products including nostalgic candy.