The link between anxiety and frequent urination will be discussed here. For those suffering with anxiety, this link can be frightening. Is all of this commotion necessary? This issue all boils down to the following.

The first thing you should do is see your doctor, and see if all is well. The combination of anxiety and frequent urination, is generally nothing of concern, however, please see your doctor to rule out anything more serious.

Anxiety and Frequent Urination - Biological Causes

Oftentimes, anxiety, and frequent urination are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. You may recognize this term as your "fight or flight" response for all you psychology buffs out there.

Simply put, when we experience anxiety, we slip into this mode unconsciously. This is our body's response to a perceived danger, or harmful situation.

You will be overcome with a surge of adrenaline, and suddenly, may feel the urge to urinate. During this time, the need to relieve yourself may be triggered by your body attempting to rapidly decrease weight; for an easier escape (the "flight" in "fight or flight").

This response is completely involuntary, as you will have no control over this biological process. None the less, you can rest assured that in the majority of cases, this is something completely normal and harmless and not something to be overly concerned with.

Anxiety and Frequent Urination - Mind Over Matter

Worrying too much about this, can, in and of itself, cause further frequent urination urges. This can be even more noticeable if you happen to have an aversion for public restrooms for one reason or another.

This is just a case of thinking of something too much that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts. For example, if you find that you are on a long road trip and you pass a sign that tells you you are driving past the last rest stop in 100 miles. You'll mentally ask yourself if you need to pull over and use the restroom. Assuming you pass by the rest stop without pulling over, you may begin to second guess your decision. Suddenly, you start to worry that you might have to use the restroom, and you start to psyche yourself out and before you know it you actually do have to use the restroom.

Anxiety and Frequent Urination - Bottom Line

Realistically, this problem shouldn't worry you. By addressing the root cause of your anxiety, you will notice a decrease in your urge to use the restroom. Learn new coping skills to help manage your anxiety level, and the symptom will go away on their own.

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