I recently heard about someone whose health was not in a good way, yet this was not something that had taken place overnight. What hadn’t helped was that they had been consuming things that had harmed their body and mind.

This was something that had been going on for a number of years. So, now that they had cut back on the things that were not helping them, they needed to consume the things that were good for them and would help to repair the damage that had been done.

Going Back

Before all this took place, I think that this person’s partner had passed away. However, this was not something that was seen as being all that important when it came to how they had been behaving and how they were now experiencing life.

When I heard about what had happened in their past, it seemed clear as to why this person was now in a bad way. I came to the conclusion that this person lost the will to live when their partner passed on.

One Intention

As a result of this, they had been doing what they could to slowly end their own life. Doing this directly might have been too much for them to handle, which is why it had been taking place indirectly.

Along with losing the will to live, there could also feel guilty for still being alive. It is then as though they were responsible for what happen and therefore, they deserved to suffer.

Looking Back

Hearing about this reminded me of how I felt when my father passed on a number of years ago, and how I just about lost the will to live. There was a small part of me that wanted to be here and to carry on, but a big part of me couldn’t take any more.

I had experienced a lot of loss already and this was nearly too much for me to handle. I lost a lot of motivation and didn’t really feel like doing anything, but I didn’t end up drinking or taking things that would harm me.

The Key Factors

What played a big part in me being able to get out of the hole that I had fallen into was that I was into self-help and had a relatively good understanding of myself. Also, I was able to detach from what was going on and I wanted to know why I had responded in this way.

I ended finding an incredible book called, ‘Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart’ by Alan D. Wolfelt. This helped me to understand why I had responded in this way and what I could do rise once again.

The Right Guidance

I think that this shows how important it is to have the right assistance; with it, there is a way up, without it, the further down someone may go. If someone waits for this to be provided, they might not get very far.

It might be necessary for them to look into what they do can do work through their grief and not to expect a doctor, for instance, to give them the assistance that they need. The book I mentioned above might be a good place to start.

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