Now that you have finalized your travel to China – congratulations! China promises to be a fascinating place– languages, dialects, food habits, people and culture tend to change at small geographic distances which seem incredible. If you have not had any prior experience with the orient, this is going to be a life-changing experience and of course, fun. However, you need to note that every country has its ways of life defined by its unique culture, customs and habits and as a tourist, you need to respect that. China is no different. While the country is sure to embrace you, the people also assume that you will be respectful towards its culture. You will probably be given a lot of tips at the embassy when you go for visa services in Orlando FL or other cities.

Here is a description of things that you must not do while touring China.

Know that the Chinese are fundamentally humble
Humility and modesty are traits ingrained into the Chinese psyche. Most of the times you interact with a Chinese, they are likely to be smiling and speaking politely. If you pass a compliment, do not be surprised or feel incredulous that the people tend to be excessively modest or downplaying – it is just their nature. At the same time, it is good to not indulge in self-boasting or brash behavior. You might already have experienced that when you had gone for a china visa in Orlando or other cities in the US.

Help people gain face

Just like anyone else, the Chinese people love compliments and hate being embarrassed, especially in public. While some people in other nations may be more assertive and respond equally if you try to embarrass them, the Chinese are basically politeand their thoughts have moorings in the culture that discourages aggression. Keep this in mind and do not embarrass anyone, especially in public. If you must give your inputs for something you do not like, let your polite best come out.

No display of anger in public

The Chinese do not believe in expressing anger publicly, especially when they are in a group because they believe in group harmony, even at the cost of suppression of emotions. So, do not express your anger at anyone, especially if you are a part of a group because that is something absolutely foreign and uncomfortable for the Chinese. Cope with your emotions in private. For example, if your waiting time at the Chinese visa office in Orlando or other states is long, be patient.

Do not address people by their first names

The Chinese, except some exceptions, do not address people by their first name unlike people in the West. For example, if your name is John Smith, the Chinese would rather address you as Mr. Smith and not as John. Most probably, the Chinese believe in a lot of formality in addressing and they make exceptions only in the case of extremely close friends or family members. Your first test will be when you visit the china tourist visa office in Orlando or in other places.

Do not allow anyone else to pay the food bill without offering first

For westerners, it could be a shocking or an amusing – depending on your view – sight of a group of Chinese people fighting to pay the restaurant bill. But that is how the Chinese people behave. So, if you are out for a meal with Chinese people, do not only offer but argue to pay the bill first.

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