A good night’s sleep is essential for your dog to remain healthy and alert. To be sure your dog is warm and comfortable at night a heated dog bed will be a good option. There are many types of heated dog beds available in the market today and make sure to consider the needs and sleeping patterns of your dog before finalizing the bed.

If your dog sleeps outdoors in a doghouse then you will want a heated bed with thermostat controls so you can adjust it according to the seasons. Indoor dogs that are aged or suffering from joint pains or arthritis only need heated beds to keep them warm and well rested. Make sure to get a bed that suits the size of your dog. Though most dogs love to curl up and sleep during chilly nights, it is important to ensure that the bed has enough space for the dog to stretch out fully. For a REM sleep the dog will have to stretch out on his side and considering the fact that REM sleep is just as important for dogs as it is for humans, there can’t be any two opinions in having a bed that is big enough for your dog.

There are many therapeutic benefits for heated dog beds and are especially beneficial for animals with health conditions like arthritis and joint pains. Just like man, the metabolic rates in aging dogs slows down and they will find it difficult to keep themselves warm A heated dog bed is well recommended for your older dog and puppies.

Heated dog beds are designed to keep a safe temperature in the bed at all times and even if your home heating system is not perfectly functional, you can solve the problem of your dog being cold by opting for a heated dog bed. If you are using a heated dog bed for your puppies, make sure that the electrical cords are properly covered up for safety reasons as the puppies could chew it.

Make sure to buy a heated dog that is at least one foot larger than your pet. In case you have more than one dog, the bed chosen should be big enough for all of them. There are some beds that utilize your dog's body heat to keep the bed warm. These are great energy savers and ensure the warmth and comfort for your pets in the cooler months.

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