Some so many people are baffled as to why other people become addicted to all kinds of substances. Some even think that people get addicted to drugs because they are immoral or are weak in willpower. Some even think that it is entirely the fault of the addicts when he or she fails to stop the addiction. But the truth is far from that, as drug addiction is one of the most complicated medical conditions and it takes a lot more than good morals and excellent goodwill to get rid of an addiction.

It is difficult to get rid of addiction because the drugs mess up with the structure of the brain and even in a case where someone is interested in getting rid of addiction for real, it is exceedingly difficult but help can be sought from drug rehabs.

The good thing here is that researchers and scientists are now gaining a much deeper understanding of how these drugs impact the brain and in using the knowledge of the discoveries they made, they have been able to come up with treatments and therapy sessions that offer real help to those who are suffering from addiction so that they can have very positive changes in their lives.

What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction can be defined as a chronic medical condition in which an individual is controlled by an overriding desire to seek and use drugs in such a way that the person finds it difficult to control, even in the face of the dangerous side effects hence the need for drug rehabs.

For many people who take drugs for the first time, it is often deliberate and conscious but when it is used on a repeated basis, the drugs have effects on the brain and as observed in drug rehab full of addicts, it changes the mental structure in such a way that the person finds it pretty difficult to have self-control.

 It is precisely this lack of self-control that pushes the person into becoming addicted to drugs. The changes in the brain are unrelenting and that is why some caregivers see drug addiction as a relapsing disease. What this means is that those who are trying to recover from the addiction can also return to drug use again even after years of stopping drug use.

Relapse is observed in many cases but that is not to imply in any way at all that the treatment has failed. Just like it is with many other medical conditions that are chronic, the treatment is always constant and it is modified based on the needs of the patient and the response to the treatment given. Caregivers in a drug rehab make sure they review the treatment plans from time to time and also ensure that everything is adjusted in the best interest of the patient.

What happens in the brain of an addict is that there is the creation of what is called a reward circuit. This creates a sensation of euphoria due to the production of a feel-good chemical known as dopamine. It is this circuit that stimulates the desire for drug consumption.

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