In case you are looking to renovate your house, painting it must be one of the topmost tasks you’ve got to undertake. But painting a whole house is not a cakewalk which is why it’s imperative to hire professionals to do the job for you. But herein lays the main problem because every painter is different in their own respect and you can’t really ascertain if one will do a job better than the other. However, you can ensure that the painting is done in the best way possible by knowing certain things. These are the things which the painters won’t tell you but it’s vitally important that you remain aware of it.

Sand the flaws

You need to understand that to get a perfect paint; the surface needs to be smooth. For this, sanding the walls is highly important. Every painter will agree on the fact that hiring a sander would be the best possible option because they are much more capable of investing more time in sanding the walls. The level of sanding should be such that it spackles patches and flattens ridges around nail holes. Use a fine grit sanding paper to sand the walls from the baseboards to the ceiling.

Use tinted primer

Needless to say, every professional patch cracks and holes before actually painting the walls because of it is painted directly; the compound will extract the paint moisture and give the walls a very flat finish. These spots are noticeably different from the rest of the wall, and they can ruin the whole look of the house. But instead of applying the usual white primer, professional would prefer to use a slightly tinted grey colour or one which is similar to the colour which will be painted on the walls. This not only ensures that the existing colours are covered but also the final coat comes out more vibrant. This is especially true in the case of red and orange shades where several coats are needed in case you don’t use a primer.

Use a paint extender to remove lap and brush marks

To get a nice finish, it’s imperative to remove all brush marks. For this, the professionals need to use a conditioner or extender with the paint. Predominantly it has two significant benefits:-

• It will slow down the drying of the paint colour which will give you ample time to overlap the areas which have just been painted without any kind of lap marks.

• It will level out the paint which will ensure that brush strokes are completely eliminated
Extenders are usually used by painters in Kingaroy to paint doors, woodwork and cabinets. Usually, the manufacturers of such extenders will direct how much of it should be added to the paint.

Focusing on one wall at a time

You might have the idea that after trimming and doing all the corners in a room, it’s convenient to move to another wall. But all experienced handy man Kingaroy will refrain from doing so. Instead, they will focus on one wall at a time. This will ensure that brushes and the rolled paint will blend seamlessly.

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