Once the third trimester or the final leg of the pregnancy arrives, the ‘soon to be parents’ and their family finally feel the excitement of the baby to be arriving soon. So, everyone tries to get prepared the most.

When it comes to the third-trimester shopping list, the mother needs most of the things for herself and the baby. They plan accordingly. Here are some major things that they will definitely need once the baby arrives.

Things needed for the new mother:
• Nursing Bras which one should pick after they check their comfort level. This is because; it will be necessary for them to wear bras round the clock.
• Nipple creams to soothe the sore nipples due to constant breastfeeding.
• Some breast pads.
• Nursing pillows that will provide comfort to the backs and necks while breastfeeding.
• A belly band because extra support always feels good when the belly is quite big. A postpartum belly can also help in supporting the abdomen after the delivery as the area might feel weak for a few days.
• A huge pregnancy pillow so that it can support the pregnant woman while sleeping and it will prevent the back from getting hurt. This will any day help them to sleep better.
• A waterproof bed liner because water can break anytime at this stage of pregnancy.
• Maternity clothes which are wide and comfortable enough to wear.
Things needed for the baby:
• Soft mattresses we=here they can sleep peacefully.
• Some fitted sheets to tuck in the baby properly.
• A waterproof crib liner.
• Plenty of diapers because they will need a lot every day.
• Some baby wipes to clean them because clothes are not hygienic enough.
• A diaper cream because regular usage of diaper can sometimes lead to skin rashes.
• A proper baby stroller for some evening rides after they are a few months old.
• A baby bath and all other skin care products that are needed like baby soaps, shampoos, creams and moisturizers.
Things needed for the house:
• Some bunch of toilet papers which will be needed in abundance.
• Hand soaps and sanitizers because you need to clean your hand every time you want to hold the baby.
• A gentle laundry detergent so that the clothes and the fabric remain soft. Otherwise, when the baby is taken on lap, they might get irritated.

These are the basic shopping list during pregnancy that one needs to prepare and go for shopping. Apart from that one can also pick up food ingredients which will be good for the pregnant woman in the last trimester. in fact, one can follow pretty much the same diet that they continue in the pregnancy tenure but eating some more lentils, legumes and some fresh fruits will always do good.

The pregnant ladies will also need some evening strolling during this time in order to stay flexible so that during delivery there is no issue.

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