Sex education is not a wrong education. Most parents have misunderstood this fact. They believe that teaching their children what they should know about sex will make them fall prey to pre-marital sex. Keeping this knowledge away from your ward may cause more harm than good.

The reason why you don’t put your finger into the fire is not because you are afraid of the fire, but because you know that you will definitely get burnt. To inform our children about sex remains the only way to reduce the alarming number of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers. If our children know the consequences of every decision, choices and steps they take, I believe it will save us a lot of troubles that has to do with sex.

After reading a report, I came to realize that all the crusades, sermons and programs discouraging premarital sex are doing little to stop teens from having sex, and also lack the ability to persuade them to use protection when they do. The appalling data was because of parents’ lackadaisical approach to the issue of sex education. I got some tips that could help parents keep their children in check.

• Tell your children that pregnancy and sex is not bad. It was Schuster who said: “No kid is going to believe us at a certain point if all we do is talk about disease, pregnancy and sex is bad.” Instead of making them to be terrified about sex, it is wise to get them informed. Make them talk about their dreams and what they are aspiring to be. Affirm how much you love them. Tell them that you wouldn’t be happy if pregnancy, disease and unwise decision hamper their plans. Focus on their dreams! Children, when rightly informed, are less likely to put their future or their health at risk for any thing.
• Be clear and direct while teaching them about sex. Explain that men have sperm, and women have eggs. Tell them that when the sperm and egg meet together they form a baby. Not talking about sex doesn’t mean they won’t have it. A lot of parents think that discussing sex with their children is giving them permission to have it. No! It is not. Always make your stance very clear when you bring up the topic.
• Avoid telling them that they are too young to talk about sex. Get them rightly informed. No matter how religious your children might be, don’t assume they know what to do. You can start by asking them what they already know about sex.

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