A single mistake can tamper with your home inspection. And that mistake could happen during the hiring process itself. Yes, we are talking about hiring an inspector who is not experienced in the process, is not qualified or certified to carry out the task, or is not well-versed with the report-writing work. You might think that it is a cost-effective decision to hire such an inspector, but we would like to warn you.
Following are the consequences of hiring an inexperienced or pseudo home inspector, and you should strictly avoid the same.

1. You remain ignorant about the discrepancies in your house.

The home inspector you hire does not know how to use advanced tools to identify the loopholes in the house, and as a result, these issues do not reflect in the report. You do not know what’s wrong with your house, yet you still move ahead with the deal and end up repenting later.
On the contrary, a qualified home inspector will use hi-tech tools and go through each nook and corner of the house to identify discrepancies.

2. You do not seek a complete home inspection report as per the standards.

A home inspection report signifies a lot; it denotes that the house assessment is done. You can seek a brief idea about the minor and major issues in your house, and you can make a suitable decision. But if you hire a pseudo inspector, the report won’t be complete, or it won’t cover the major issues that need your attention. You will either walk away from a great house or buy the imperfect one. Moreover, the report will not help serve as evidence in Court or in front of the real estate agent.

3. You do not seek responses to your queries concerning the house.

When a home inspection takes place in your house or the one you wish to buy, you are supposed to be present during that time and ask relevant questions to the professional. But if your home inspector is not experienced enough, he cannot provide the right answers to your queries. He will not be able to furnish any clarification regarding any issue existing in the house.

4. You waste your efforts, time, and money.

Even if the pseudo inspector charges half of what the other experienced inspectors do, it is still a wastage of money. Moreover, you waste time and energy as at least 2-3 hours get wasted in an inspection which is totally futile. But if you hire a genuine Home Inspector in Jacksonville FL, your money, efforts, and time are worth spending.

Conclusively, avoid the bitter consequences given above by hiring a pseudo home inspector and go for an experienced, qualified, and certified one.

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