Cambodia is truly a beautiful place to spend a vacation. It has incredible natural sights, an enriched historical background and a cultural heritage that indeed astounds every visitor.

If you’re looking for some great ways to spend your holidays at Cambodia let’s begin by saying that knowledge is the key to everything. In other words, there are various things one should take care of or know in-depth so as to enjoy a remarkable time in the country. Before fixing one’s Cambodia Tour Packages he/she should know about certain things .

So here are some of the things that you should necessarily note down before visiting this beautiful country.


US dollars are accepted everywhere. However, if one has to buy things that come under 1$ he/she may have to use the local currency, which is Riel. Otherwise, there isn’t much problem and anyone can spend conveniently using American currency.

Certain ATMs in-fact provides an option to choose between US currency and that of Cambodia. So, it is also helpful to keep a fair share of Riel to spend on cheaper stuff along the way.


Attention! Always be wary about street scams, especially when it comes to tourists. One such popular practice is the restaurant scam. One will eventually come across or pass by young children who would not beg for money but rather point at a specific restaurant to eat.

It certainly becomes impossible to ignore such a plea as a human being, however, the reality is very disapproving. It usually is an expensive restaurant and once ordered the customer definitely cannot cut it off. Tourists usually get victimized by such scammers and end up paying huge amounts without reason.

As for the restaurant, they split the profits with the kids who were hired by them in the first place. Similarly, there are other scams as well, where children would approach not asking for money but to buy specific goods and later would share profits with the store owners.

Local Transportation

Local transportation is actually relatively cheaper and feasible. The ‘Tuk Tuk’ is a popular ride that takes tourists anywhere at ideal rates. It is also safe to travel via such transport systems. They usually charge a dollar for a five-minute travel or so. And likewise, the price increases as the distance/time rises.

Travel Operators

Cambodia is gradually earning worldwide preference and hence travelers from all across the globe come by to visit this magnificent country. Bookings are hard to get especially during the tourist visiting seasons. Expenses would either inflate or bookings completely turn to negative.

For such instances, booking travel operators is the best way to curb inflating prices and confirm hotels, restaurants, touring vehicles, etc. Most importantly, with pre-booking methods, one will be able to rest assured knowing that everything is confirmed and there is no need to worry about where to settle down during the trip.

Such methods also have online procedures. This ultimately saves ample amounts of time, effort, and anyone can go through the options or make instant bookings from the comfort of their respective homes via their mobile devices.


The natives have a very distinct heritage. The culture is indeed fascinating and their traditionally prepared food is also globally renowned. There is a very high sense of respect for the monks. One shouldn’t say anything absurd and should ask for permissions before clicking pictures with a monk.

Women are also considered important. Columbian women have in-fact made a record for boosting the country’s economy unlike any other country within the span of a few years. A majority of the garment industry is run by women and they also indulge in the busy economic sector as well. Women empowerment truly is rampant over here.

So, these are some basic yet impressive aspects of a marvelous nation. Visitors simply need to research a little about their culture, be extra cautious about frauds and should pack efficiently without carrying too much of unnecessary things. With everything perfectly arranged by tour operators, one will have a splendid time gazing at the wondrous marvels of this country.

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Nhung Hoang is a professional travel and tourist writer. Now he focused on some beautiful travel destination. Which will surely attract you. He tries to help tourist for the best places for vacation. Now he is focusing on Vietnam.