Without a doubt, kitchen cabinets play a central role in the appearance of the kitchen. Similarly, the colors of the cabinets are equally important. You must select your colors carefully if you want to have an amazing overall kitchen look.

Some tips can guide you on how to pick the right colors for your cabinetry instead of settling on white or cream kitchen cabinets. But instead of highlighting those tips, we should look at things that you are not supposed to overlook when choosing cabinetry colors.

1. Don’t follow the trend blindly

Most homeowners are influenced by the trend to choose their cabinetry colors. There is nothing wrong with ensuring that your house is trendy. However, when it comes to the colors of the kitchen, the trend is not the only factor that needs to be considered. If you follow the trend blindly, you might have a mismatch of colors in your kitchen.

Consider the trend against the overall theme and style of your kitchen. They need to rhyme. If you have bold kitchen walls, cream kitchen cabinets will be a great addition. But you can’t mix bold colors on the walls and have them on the cabinetry again simply because the color is trending.

2. Don’t ignore the size of your kitchen

You can be getting your color ideas from online magazines. A certain set of colors can look great in a magazine but fail to appeal to your kitchen. This is because of the size of the kitchen. You must ensure that the color that you are choosing reflects the size of your kitchen. For example, if you have a small kitchen, you can’t install black cabinetry and expect it to be appealing. Such colors require big spaces in the kitchen.

3. Look beyond white

White is not the only traditional color that you can have in the kitchen. It has the airy appeal that most homeowners are always looking for. Some colors like cream or light great can also evoke the airy feeling in the kitchen.

Color white has become monotonous in the kitchen. Finding an alternative like cream kitchen cabinets is a good way to go.

4. Personal preference matters

One thing that should inform your final decision is a personal preference. At the end of the day, you are renovating your kitchen for your use. So, in as much as you are involving other factors to guide your decision, always know that your preference will help you to decide.

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