We all know that Indian weddings are known worldwide. This is because Indian weddings are the world’s most flamboyant and extravagant ones. People spend millions of dollars just to make a wedding grand.

In a Indian wedding, approx 500 to a few thousand people are invited. So, if you are inviting so many people in your marriage, then you need to have some sort of entertainment that will keep them engaged. A wedding reception is not termed borning, when guests can keep themselves occupied. Creativity is the key to making a wedding reception fun and happening. In this post, we will discuss few things which you must have in your wedding reception.


To keep the guests entertained, you need a DJ who will make the entire reception a happening one. Guests can even request their favourite tracks and dance to the tunes. Hiring a good DJ can really make a difference in your wedding.


Bars and fun go hand in hand. If a wedding a dry without any sizzling drinks, then guests might find the wedding to be a bit boring. Therefore, it is advisable to hire Professional Wedding Bartender Services. They not only skilled in making delicious cocktails, but decorate the bar in such a way that it improves the glamour of the entire reception.

3.Stand up comedian

The new millennials are now introducing modern trends in their age old traditions. Modern receptions have seen many stand up comedians entertaining the guests. Hiring a stand up comedian would be unique as well as eye catching.

4.Live band

Live musical performance in a reception is a concept which will never get old. Elderly people enjoy live music alot and therefore it is not a bad idea of hiring a band for your wedding reception.

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Therefore, it is advisable to hire professional wedding bartender services.