Vaping can be one of your most wonderful and enjoyable life-experiences. While we all talk about things to do when you’re vaping, there are certain things which you must strictly avoid in order to make sure that you’re getting the most from your vaping session. In order to know how to vape properly, make sure you are avoiding the list of things we have compiled below:
Dry Hits
Dry hits are one of the most awful things a vaper has to go through. It can demotivate the pro vapers and this makes to the top of list of the things you should avoid while you’re vaping. If you haven’t gone through the dry hit as of yet, trust me, you’re one of the lucky ones. Nobody would ever dare to wish dry hit on their worst enemy. There could be no bad feeling for a vaper than to experience a burnt cloud of toasted cloth into your lungs. Yeah, that’s exactly what a dry hit feels life.
If you want to avoid dry hit, prime your coils and saturate your wicks before you start vaping. Also make sure that you have poured sufficient amount of essential oil on your wick before you inhale the vapors for the first time. Also, when you are replacing the coil, make sure you drip a few drops of oil on the coil before reassembling the tank. Wait for several minutes after starting the device before you take the first puff to make sure that your coil has been saturated well.
Dirty Coils
If you want your vapors to be pure and tasty, proper care and cleaning of your vape device is necessary. You can’t leave your coils dirty if you are looking for smooth and delightful vaping experience. There are certain oils, concentrates, and dry herbs that make coils dirty faster than the others. Keep track of such oils and herbs so that you know when your coils need to be replaced. We recommend changing your coils every 1.5-2 weeks if you use your device moderately. If you’re vaping more frequently, you should be changing your coils within the week. Pro vapers prefer clean and fresh tasting vapors. If you think that your vape doesn’t taste as good as it should, perhaps it’s the time that you change your coils.
Low Battery
Does is hurt when you’re watching a very good movie or playing an exciting game and your mobile battery runs out? This feeling is much worse when you’re vaping. A low battery can ruin your entire flow and fun. Every vaper deserves an uninterrupted and smooth vaping experience and a battery plays a crucial role in making sure of that. Thus, in order to make sure that you device is running on its full capacity, make sure your device’s battery is fully charges. In case you’re traveling or going for a trip, carry couple of extra batteries with you so that you can enjoy your vape wherever you want. Keeping a charged battery with you can a life-saver especially when you’re traveling. Also keep your battery charger with you. Whenever you have access to electricity, charge all your batteries.
Flavor Ghosting
While most of the vapers love mixing oils for a creating a new flavor, there are some oils that don’t just mix. If you are switching between two drastically different flavors, make sure you clean your tank properly. Simply dismantle your tank, rinse it thoroughly with hot water before pouring other oil in it. If you are using an RDA, simply turning on your mod until all the juice has been vaporized must do the cleaning trick. You can also use cleaning wipes to clean your device. If you’re getting an unexpected taste, just know that your device needs a thorough cleaning.
Vape Tongue
While aftertaste is beautiful, vape tongue can be quite frustrating. You can be a dreaded vape tongue if you are vaping the same oil or herbs for too long. If you are vaping your favorite favors for too long, you will stop enjoying them and forget what it felt like to puff on your favorite flavors. Dry drinking a cup of black coffee or keep a mouthwash with you to avoid this temporary lapse in vaping.
Loose Batteries
Loose batteries are big danger to you and the people around you because they are highly explosive. Also, keeping two unshielded batteries together can result in short circuit as well as fire. Therefore, make sure you don’t carry lose batteries with you. There are many battery covers and cases available in the market for different kinds of batteries. Do buy one for your batteries to avoid any kind of damage.
When you are vaping, you might feel very dehydrated. Therefore, vaping gives you more reasons to drink more water. Drink as much water as you can if you’re a vaper. You can drink a glass of water before and after your vaping session to make sure you’re staying hydrated.
These were 7 most crucial things you must avoid if you want to know how to vape correctly. Follow this checklist and enjoy vaping as much as you can.

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