A dental filling can be understood by an approach for restoring a tooth that has been decayed, to its ordinary shape and function. When someone suffers from a condition like the presence of a cavity in their tooth, a filling is recommended by the dentist. Let’s understand a process that can take place inside the mouth. When you eat something and food particles along with plaque keep in contact with the teeth for lengthened time because of improper brushing or something sticky or sweet have remained, there can be a gathering of bacteria build-up causing toxins and acid discharge that suspend the enamel. The enamel then changes to its original color and the color change depending on how much it has weakened or dissolved from colors like light to dark yellow, then light brown to dark brown and finally jet black.

Steps Involved in a Dental Filling

Dental FillingWhen someone is advised to have a dental filling in their tooth, he or she will be given a local anesthetic in order to numb the region around the tooth to be filled. This contains gums and surrounding skin so that discomfort during the process should be avoided or lessen. After that, help can be taken from things like a drill, laser, or air abrasion instrument for eliminating the decayed part. The usage of an instrument will be based on the comfort level of the dentist for the treatment, his training, or maybe the location and extent of the decay. When decay has been removed, the dentist may probe or test the part to ensure whether all the decay has been eliminated.

Once the decay is eliminated from the patient’s mouth, the practitioner will arrange the space for the dental filling by cleaning the cavity of debris and bacteria. When there is a presence of decay close to the root, the dentist may put a liner made up of composite resin, glass ionomer, or there can be a usage of some other material to defend the nerve. In general cases, the dentist will finish and polish it after the filling is in. Once the process of dental filling is done, the mouth will remain to be numb for some more hours. In such cases, make sure to follow the instructions given by the dentist and avoid those things that can create some problems or risks.

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Dr. Andre Eliasian is an award-winning Dental Professional, an active community volunteer, and owner of Elite Dental Group Corporation. Dr. Eliasian has a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and has a reputation helping his patients achieve “the perfect smile” by restoring missing and damaged teeth using the latest in Dental Implant technology – the best choice for a natural smile.