Medical record review is a complex, labor and time intensive process that requires expertise in sorting and indexing the medical records and extracting the relevant information from them. Attorneys, physicians, insurance companies, case/chart review firms and medical legal consultants all have to handle medical records in connection with personal injury, workers’ compensation and other cases. These entities will surely benefit from the efficient medical review services of a reliable medical record review company. Outsourcing to an external provider is a wise decision, but it has to be the right one. What are the parameters by which you can measure a medical review firm?

Medical Review Services – Features to Look Out For

The field of outsourcing is a vast one, and there are many players each trying to outweigh the other. You definitely need some yardsticks by which you can measure each provider active in the industry. Here are a few features to look out for.

• Dedicated workforce: ideally, your medical review company should offer the services of a dedicated workforce that can provide accurate medical reviews including independent medical reviews. The team should comprise experienced medical review professionals including physicians, nurses, documentation specialists and support staff. Usually, reputable outsourcing companies assign a project manager who will monitor each stage of the review process.
• Availability of advanced technology: this will ensure speedy and accurate medical review within your required turnaround time.
• Commitment to quality: this is definitely a major requirement, and your provider should have state-of-the-art quality assurance measures to make sure that the output is of outstanding quality.
• Advanced data collection and reporting system
• HIPAA compliance: your patient records have to be safe, with no data bleeding whatsoever. So, make sure that the medical record review company you are partnering with can guarantee absolute compliance with HIPAA.
• Customized turnaround time: reputable companies with onshore and offshore facilities do not find it difficult to meet the most challenging turnaround time requirements. Go for a provider that can ensure customized turnaround time.
• Competitive pricing, with cost savings: an important feature to look out for, competitive pricing structure with cost savings signifies a provider that is keen on providing value-added, yet affordable services to clients.
• Free trial: this again is the hallmark of a reliable company. A firm offering a free trial of its services is confident of its service quality and other features. You can utilize this option to evaluate your service provider.

It is worthwhile spending some time to search and find the right medical record review company for your medical review needs. With the right provider, you can enjoy a long time, fruitful association that will also help improve your office efficiency and profitability.

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Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) can make life easier for those in the medico-legal industry. Medical record review involves the comprehensive assessment of the medical records of a patient. Medical review services are a great help for attorneys, medical-legal consultants, insurance staff, and case review firms.