If you have an online business then you will want to have a website that is attractive, that provides the information that your customers will need, and that is easy to navigate. Yet another factor that is becoming increasingly important is the speed with which your website downloads. In order to get the functionality that is appropriate to your needs and a website that downloads quickly you will have some web hosting choices to make.

Your main concern when selecting your web hosting from the options available is deciding what type of service to use. Once you have decided which type to use then you can concentrate on the different companies that offer this convenience.

There are four basic web hosting choices for your consideration.

Shared hosting – the most commonly used web hosting environment, and one that is suitable for many smaller businesses. Your website is hosted on a web server that also hosts websites for a number of other customers. Because of this shared element, this is the cheapest route. However, there is a danger that the other customer websites hosted on the same server may negatively impact on the performance and security of your site.

Virtual server dedicated hosting is a type of service that allows a semblance of having your own dedicated web server, when in fact you are sharing it with a number of other companies. This option is cheaper than having your own dedicated server, but there are sometimes performance considerations due to the fact that the resources are being shared.

Dedicated hosting allows you to have a server that is strictly for your use. You will have more creative flexibility in your design. You will have options like whether to have a managed or unmanaged site. If you choose unmanaged then you will be totally in charge for everything concerning the site. This includes ensuring security updates are applied to the server operating system and so on. The managed option means that the company you are getting the service from will provide you technical services seven days a week, and three hundred and sixty five days out of the year. This will include the security you need, the technical support you may need, and the monitoring of the site to make sure all is working properly. This selection may not be advised for smaller companies with less complicated web sites due to the often prohibitive expense involved.

Co-location is a type of hosting that is great for the companies that already have their own server and the equipment needed to provide security along with all other parts of the website creation and monitoring. This is generally a choice that is only made by larger companies.

Companies offering web hosting will offer differing amounts of technical support. One of the main things that you want to look at when you are choosing a company to provide you with this sort of service is the level of technical support on offer.

Another consideration is the uptime of their web servers. If the server is not functioning at least 99.9% of the time, then look around for a more reliable company. Remember that when their server is not operating customers cannot get to your pages to make orders.

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