Buying a flat isn't a child's play. We have to ponder a lot before buying it. Why just buy, before renting even. Several things come to our mind before thinking of buying. And even if you have a split thought of reselling it, you need to think about a lot. For instance, several people are trying to sell their properties or rent it but have not got suitable? buyers or tenants. So, there are several things which need to be considered before buying a flat. We have enlisted the things which need to be considered

1. Buy according to your need
Flats should be bought according to the financial requirements so that the person doesn't get submerged under the heavyweight of debts. Whether you are a professional or a salaried professional or a businessman, you need to think upon this factor too. Buying out a property even for the sake of investment too needs to be thought in this aspect. Having too many EMIs can take up the major portion of your salary.

2. Licenses
Before buying any property, papers should be checked thoroughly like certification for work, environmental clean chit, building plans and many more. One should also check whether or not the builders are certified or not. Again if you are thinking to buy a reselling property, then it must be clear from all the bank loans or get a bank release certificate. Also, check for previous tax receipts.

3. Loan Availability
Check for the banks approving loans for the particular project. Many builders don't get loans easily so it is very necessary to check the listing of the banks.

4. Terms & conditions
One should verify thoroughly about the charges as sometimes many brokers just mention the basic cost and do not mention the add on costs like parking charges, club charges, etc. So one should estimate? the total add on cost and then consider buying the flat if suits in the budget. So this needs to be considered before buying a flat.

5. Site Tour
Just by trusting the broker through the brochure, one should not buy anything. One should go in person to the site and check all the details. Even one should meet the neighborhood as they know the best about any illicit construction going on. If sensing anything fishy, one should not opt for buying.

6. Check thoroughly the documentation
One should go through the documents thoroughly like whether or not the building company is RERA approved and many other necessary affiliations that are required necessarily.

7. Possession Time
One should be aware of the possession and commitment of the builder as when the project will be ready and when the flats will be completely? available for use.

These are somethings that need to be considered before buying a flat. And one should be very cautious before stepping into any sort of property investment or purchasing as purchasing a flat or any property isn't a walk in the park task. Although by being extra cautious and observing, one can easily condone the malpractices and illegitimate things going on at the construction site. Home is where our loved ones stay with us and are completely safe and sound, so their safety and neighborhood also should be considered a lot before buying out a flat.

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