Whether you are a wine enthusiast or you would like to take a sip of wine, you definitely need to have a collection of your favourite drinks at home. Storing bottles in the kitchen refrigerator is not a practical solution because you can’t store them beyond 48 hours. If you build a dedicated room to keep bottles on wine cellar racks, it would be a great approach.

Since storage and handling could affect the condition of your favourite drinks, it would be great to have a cellar. With the construction of a wine storage unit, you’ll get enough space for maintaining your stock. In this way, you can manage the required temperature and humidity levels easily. Suppose you want to invite your friends for a party, you can call them confidently.

Did you know? You can surprise your friends by inviting them to your home. And, they would appreciate you for building a stunning wine storage unit. If you build a dining room attached to your cellar, you can enjoy your drink in style. This also highlights your standard.

Important Wine Storage Tips

  • Temperature

Since it is important to maintain the right temperature throughout the time you keep them inside the cellar, it must be within the range of 50oF to 60oF. Any fluctuation from this temperature range can lead to unnecessary spoilage of your favourite drinks. So, it would be great to periodically monitor the storage condition.

  • Humidity

The humidity level must be maintained within the range of 50 to 70 per cent. It helps in balancing the moisture content inside the cellar. If it isn’t maintained properly, you can observe the dryness of the cork. Once the cork gets dried up, small cracks would be developed on its surface. So, you have to maintain an optimal humidity level all the time.

  • Lights

As you are well-aware of the fact that a cellar must be built in a dark location, you have to install low-heat LEDs. With such installation, you can turn the lights on when you want to pick your desired wine bottle. And, it is advised to turn the lights off for the rest of the time. In this way, you can maintain the storage condition at its appropriate level.

  • Arrangement

Arrangement of bottles on the cellar racks also plays an important role. It is advised to store them one after another horizontally. Some people also store them in an upright position but it is the wrong way to organise them. When you want to keep the cork moisturised, you have to follow the basic rule.

From Where to Start the Project-

The construction of a cellar is not a simple task. Starting from design to material, you have to choose the most suited one. If you are unaware of the construction process, you can create unknown mistakes. To make things practical and effective, hiring a professional would be great.

Hand over the task of wine room construction on the responsible shoulders of experts. Now, they will manage the process by using the latest techniques. Contractors can also help you select the right design for wine cellar racks from their existing collection or ask for customised services. If you don’t want to spoil your collection, start searching for a reputed wine cellar builder and feel free to discuss your project in detail.

Did you know? Experts employ the right methods for creating a leak-proof, well-insulated, and airtight room for storing your favourite drinks. So, hurry up and contact a builder today.

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The author has been associated with a popular firm for creating architectural designs for residential homes. He also assists clients in building wine cellar racks. Keep visiting here to learn how to build a wine room in the residence and other similar things.