When you have decided you are ready to invest in some professional cleaners, Liverpool for your home there is then a lot to think about. Here are some things to consider so you get everything just right.

Consider the following

  1. What are you willing to pay? The rate of pay depends on a few things including whether they are part of a chain or independent, where in the country you need them and what is expected of them, but it ranges right now between twelve and twenty pounds an hour.
  2. What do you want them to do? If you are not sure you have thought of everything, do a big clean and write down everything so you can decide what tasks your cleaner will be doing. Are they just for house cleaning or also wanted to iron and such too? Think about tasks in terms of annually, monthly, weekly and daily. What tasks do you hate doing? Those can be things you pass over!
  3. How many hours a week do you want to have someone in to clean for? Make sure you are realistic about this. That test cleaning you did is a good way to judge how long different jobs take. Part of this will be what you can afford as well. Some people have someone in just once a week for a good deep clean, others have people in two or more times a week for cleaning Liverpool.
  4. Is there a time of the week that works best? If you have people over on Saturdays for dinner, maybe you want someone on Friday or Saturday morning if they work weekends. Then a Monday big clean might be great to clean up after having people over.
  5. Do you want to use an individual or a cleaning company? There are advantages to either so this is mostly personal preference, and possibly experience. Professional cleaners Liverpool that are a part of a business will have vetted their cleaners, they will have insurance, and a reputation they want to protect. You can also find more experience there. Plus should your usual cleaner be ill or on vacation, a different one will be sent so you still get your cleaning done. An individual is a little more risky if you do not look into them yourselves unless you get a recommendation from someone you trust. But when they take time off, you have to clean your own home.


When looking for options for home cleaning Liverpool, there is probably more to think about than you might have realised. Take your time so you know the kind of cleaner you want, what you want to be done, and how often you need it done. If you do end up interviewing candidates yourself ask them about their experience, are they self-employed so they have insurance, talk about whether they need their own cleaning equipment or you are providing it all, whether you want green cleaning only and any other points you want to make.

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